The Dream — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


Not the best week to ask how things are going or what I’m doing….

Living the writer’s dream here: working on Release, but the cumulative word count of a 177 words since Sunday doesn’t say much for itself.  Or maybe it does since this is an editing wordcount.  Of course, serious editing has its drawbacks beyond a diminished wordcount.

…um, yeah….

The doubt monster has returned it all its fiery glory.

Not that I actually think Release is that bad.  It may be a case of “Mommy Pride”, but I like the story I wrote.  It just is the wrong story; I know that I know I need to change it, but I’m still having a serious problem killing my darling, even though I fully intend to resurrect it after the surgery.

So beyond the low wordcount, I’ve been reread, rearranging, deleting and generally trying to not cry as I rewrite history… on Acaria at least.  And for the next few weeks, that’s pretty much all I intend to do for my ROW80 and general writing goals.

Happily being a sponsor and a mom have given me moments of distraction.  I had a great time reading Julie Glover’s post on her Inner Grinch.  She inspired the post coming this Sunday.  And it was nice to see the return of some erstwhile ROWers to the Sunday check-in.

On the mom-front, I got to help the Boodle with his homework yesterday: writing out, in Spanish, instructions for a classmate to draw a picture from.  Pretty awesome.  I know I couldn’t have done that in 2nd grade in French (longer even, since we didn’t get a language until high school).  And the worst art for him?  Getting started…  same as any writer.  😀


I can’t vouch for the effects of translating the text from Scrivener to the blog page, but this excerpt was eleven lines in my editor.  Simple maths…  eleven for today’s date.

Again, this comes from Release.  It’s happening a bit earlier in the book than last week’s excerpt, but we get to meet a somewhat familiar character here.  The ‘he’ our narrator, Kieri is referring to is Alanii; though he’s a much older man these days.

Footsteps fell on the stairs.

I darted toward my room. Managing to reach the door, I glanced back…to see him looking down at me wryly. “You obey well, I see. No matter. Grab your night bags. I am bringing you home”

His voice held no anger or malice. He sounded sad more than anything which added no encouragement. I had no wish to go where such strange and terrible things were treated as routine.


“No? Why not? It would do you good, Kieri. Perhaps my wife would come here to stay, giving you a mother. You and the girls could be playmates.”

After the last few years, to be offered playmates struck wrong–the thought of girls was worse. I felt he was calling me a baby. Not that I didn’t feel like one, as I cringed, imagining his Nightwind playing mother for me. I covered my fear with bluster.

So there you go… Looks as if the dream is lost on our young Kieri already.

Cheers to K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse!  She hosts WIPpet Wednesdays (it is like herding cats, after all) for us.  WIPeteers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date at the group linky and bravely invite company, comments…  even gentle (or not-so gentle) critiques

32 responses to “The Dream — a WIPpet/ROW80 post

  1. interesting. Makes me wonder what’s really going on here.


  2. I hear you that it’s painful, but I congratulate you anyway on your progress re: RELEASE. You can do it! Best part about writing in the digital age is that you never really have to delete anything. Take those parts you love but don’t belong and stick them in another file. You can always come back to them later, use them as “Bonus Features” when your novel comes out, whatever. They don’t have to be gone.


    • Thank you. What you’re saying is true, Sione. Though… Bonus features just made me giggle. Of course, I’m a big fan of bonus features, so… 😀


  3. Nice snippet! Makes me very curious about the background and what terrible things she’s referring to.

    You have my sympathies on having to deal with the Horrible Editor Self. She really irritates me, but I know I need her too. One things that’s helped me not feel so unproductive in editing mode is to count pages edited rather than words. Words can often end up in minus. 🙂


    • Glad you’re curious. I hope you’ll forgive me for not revealing anything more at the moment though.

      I probably shouldn’t get too down on myself even when it comes to words, Ruth. The manuscript as it stands is already over 175K. Some judicious trimming would probably serve it well. I just need to figure out what.


      • Wow, another monster! *g* Yseult is about 195K and SoS only a little under. If you’re considering going indie, you might want to figure out if you can turn it into episodes — series seem to be the way to go. I couldn’t do it with my books, unfortunately, despite all the words. 😦


        • Episodes actually might work well for Release… I didn’t plan it but most chapters end in some kind of cliffhanger. Thanks for the suggestion, Ruth. (And yes, I can see how it would have been challenging to split up Yseult and SoS.)


  4. No one allowed me to give any ground to the Doubt Monster, likewise, you are not allowed to do so. Kick the monster to the curb. He can share space with mine and they can sulk in the cold while we cozy up to the fire. 🙂

    I love the word/title/name Nightwind. And boy, was he talking down to her much or what? Yes, it would have made me feel like a child as well. You conveyed that very well.


    • Doubt Monster: *crosses arms and frumps them on chest* Aww, Kathi!!! *pouts*

      Me: *breathes a slight sigh, looking side to side carefully to make sure no other monsters are lurking* Is it safe now? Cool! *starts typing and deleting*

      Nightwind is a nickname Alanii gave his lover. She’s… interesting. And technically, Kieri is a child at this point. He’s nine going on ten. The real problem is that Alanii has only just met him and doesn’t know how to talk to him.


  5. I sympathize with the low word count! I’ve been there so many times myself. I resolved to crank out words every day on Monday and yesterday what happened? I got no writing done! I’m making up for it today, though.

    I love the names of your characters – gorgeous. And I am intrigued by the snippet. I wanted so to hear Kieri’s bluster! I suppose I’ll have to wait for it! 🙂


    • I’m allowing myself a lowish wordcount because of the editing, but maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should insist on writing more. How about you, Xina? Do you sometimes feel you should push yourself harder?

      Yu want to hear Kieri’s bluster? Oh, but he’s such a mouthy kid… 😀


  6. Do you do your drafts and edits in Scrivener or are you already formatting? I just got a copy but haven’t spent too much time figuring it out yet.


    • A bit of both. Release was done totally in WordPerfect 5.1. It’s actually been submitted to a publisher once and rejected, but I’m glad for that now, because it gave me a chance to develop the world in ways I couldn’t have if it had been published.

      As for Scrivener… I like it, but I really miss WP. I had a lot fewer distractions when I was stuck in DOS with one big blue screen of text to work on.


  7. That assignment sounds like a heck of a lot of fun! Also, I like your WIPpet; it makes me want to find out more about the characters.


    • It was hard getting the Boodle to start his assignment, but like a true writer, once he got started, he’ kept going and going and… he’s now trying to do it on his own in French.

      Thanks, Kathy. I like it when people are interested in my characters. It’s a good sign.


  8. Editing here too. And I watch my word count go up, then back down as I cut, then up again as I add some different words. Maybe I should stop watching it so much. 🙂 And I definitely understand the doubt. I love these characters and this story. They’ve been living in my head for so long, and like when my daughter first started school, I’m afraid not everyone else is going to like them as much. But, I still had to put her on the bus and send her off(and she’s thrived so maybe they will too).


    • That’s a good way to look at it, Fallon. Thanks for the reminder. (And, just between you and me, I think your characters are really fun and should have a chance to meet more people.


  9. Covering fear with bluster is very good. 🙂 I guess “you obey well” was spoken with heavy sarcasm?


  10. I’m with the others – this is an interesting extract and makes me want to know more. It also has a very melancholy feel to it. The idea of ‘strange and terrible things’ being treated as routine is both intriguing and daunting.


  11. Sometimes these twice weekly posts for Row80 feel like true confessions, especially when we must face down what others say about our writing as well as our own inner doubts that just keep on resonating. It helps to know that many writers doubt themselves and yet persevere. Here, I was delighted to read this snippet. I’d like to know more and read more. How difficult it is to fully understand this snippet out of context — the scene must truly stand on its own. And yet, some readers would not balk at 175,000 words at all. Thinking about what makes the story move forward may help. I only know that editing at all levels is very hard work and wish you well.


    • Editing IS hard at all levels, Beth. You are so very right there. And you are right about the big book too. I tend to love reading larger works too.

      Glad to hear you loved the snippet. I really feel that Release has a lot of life in it. Just accessing that life feels so hard sometimes…


  12. It is really great that you have so much to work with for your story Release. I understand about the doubt monster and frequently have to tell mine to get lost.

    I hopped over to see you because I was revisiting my post regarding my kitties passing last year and really loved reading your comment again. Last year I didn’t even have the energy to respond but I wanted you to know your words meant the world to me.


    • Thank you for visiting, Morgan. I’m glad to hear from you (though, as you can see, I have been notably bad about blogging stuff, even posting). And your timing is well… we don’t know yet, but it looks as if my kitty of many years may have died too. So it’s especially nice to hear from a fellow feline lover.

      Many hugs, Morgan. See you on Facebook if not the blog-iverse


  13. I find editing hard too. Some days I’m more ruthless than others. Kind of like when I clean the basement, I keep more some days and rid myself more of others. I wish I could figure out the source of my ruthlessness so I can tap it as needed!

    When someone proposes a scenario they think is great and expect me to feel the same way, but I don’t… Not a fun feeling. But seems that Keiri has more than just that going on, though.


    • The ruthlessness does seem to go in waves. I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but you are right. Question though… Do you ever find you’ve regretted a truly ruthless moment, or do you find that the more ruthless moments end up improving things a lot?

      Yeah, he does. And Alanii isn’t stating things as well as he could, but he has more than that going on too.