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STFS — I Broke a Nail

Tattered and torn, 10 April 2009Okay…  as far as ‘things’ go in life, breaking a nail isn’t high up there in the trauma dept.  But it’s more annoying than you might think.

First, the cliché of a woman becoming a helpless, whimpering lump after breaking a nail is …  *tries to not grind teeth* annoying.  More than annoying, it sucks.

*hates this*

Breaking a nail isn’t the end of the world.  We all know that.  It’s annoying.  If one has gone through the trouble of getting a great manicure, it’s expensive and annoying.  But life goes on.

And it snags everything in its path…

Yeah.  I was folding laundry today.  This is Winter, season of the sweater…

So… I not only ended up with a broken nail; I soon ended up with a torn nail.  It’s not as cool as it seems in this video.  And it’s definitely not something I like to do with ‘fresh from the dryer’ clothes.

I hate breaking a nail.  It’s annoying.

(but not as annoying is that first video)


Wow…  Where did the Round go?  Thursday is the last day for this year in the ROW80.  It feels like March to me.  In lieu of the usual “things are going slowly, but at least they’re going” check-in, let me regale you with a quick Year in Review (especially since Wednesday will be a long enough post with the WIPpet)

ROW80LogocopyDid I get anything that I wanted to get accomplished accomplished?  Well, sort of…  I’ve certainly gotten a better grasp on my writing habits and needs.  I’ve discovered a pattern of blogging that doesn’t emotionally kill me.

And I’ve surprised myself too.  A lot…

I’ve reopened Release.  I’ve built a good solid framework for Swan Song.  Perhaps there’s hope for me as an eventual publish author.

I sponsored for the ROW80 three times out of four.  (I signed up for Round 1 of 2014 too.  Maybe go for 4 of 4 next year?)

Of the four NaNoWriMo-style projects I participated in this year, all reached the “winning” wordcount, but none are what I call a novel.   Will I still do them this coming  year?  I don’t know: I don’t follow rules well;  I also rebel against deadlines and slow down during WriMos; the exception for this is when I am hosting sprints or somehow directly involved with helping others get their wordcounts up.


If I could sum up my year as a writer in one word: GIVE

All the best stuff happened when I gave of myself whether to my craft, to fellow ROWers, to local charities, to …you name it.  The best words, the best feelings, the best experiences came from giving.

That didn’t surprise me at all.  😀

(Update for Wednesday– it may be an odd post.  With Christmas for the Boodle and birthday stuff, I’d considered not posting.  Thing is…  I know how bad I am about habits.  I’m posting mostly because I need to post for consistency.)

Photo credits:

  • Tattered and torn, 10 April 2009 (Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle)
  • Sharing (Photo credit: Andy Woo)