STFS — I Broke a Nail

Tattered and torn, 10 April 2009Okay…  as far as ‘things’ go in life, breaking a nail isn’t high up there in the trauma dept.  But it’s more annoying than you might think.

First, the cliché of a woman becoming a helpless, whimpering lump after breaking a nail is …  *tries to not grind teeth* annoying.  More than annoying, it sucks.

*hates this*

Breaking a nail isn’t the end of the world.  We all know that.  It’s annoying.  If one has gone through the trouble of getting a great manicure, it’s expensive and annoying.  But life goes on.

And it snags everything in its path…

Yeah.  I was folding laundry today.  This is Winter, season of the sweater…

So… I not only ended up with a broken nail; I soon ended up with a torn nail.  It’s not as cool as it seems in this video.  And it’s definitely not something I like to do with ‘fresh from the dryer’ clothes.

I hate breaking a nail.  It’s annoying.

(but not as annoying is that first video)


Wow…  Where did the Round go?  Thursday is the last day for this year in the ROW80.  It feels like March to me.  In lieu of the usual “things are going slowly, but at least they’re going” check-in, let me regale you with a quick Year in Review (especially since Wednesday will be a long enough post with the WIPpet)

ROW80LogocopyDid I get anything that I wanted to get accomplished accomplished?  Well, sort of…  I’ve certainly gotten a better grasp on my writing habits and needs.  I’ve discovered a pattern of blogging that doesn’t emotionally kill me.

And I’ve surprised myself too.  A lot…

I’ve reopened Release.  I’ve built a good solid framework for Swan Song.  Perhaps there’s hope for me as an eventual publish author.

I sponsored for the ROW80 three times out of four.  (I signed up for Round 1 of 2014 too.  Maybe go for 4 of 4 next year?)

Of the four NaNoWriMo-style projects I participated in this year, all reached the “winning” wordcount, but none are what I call a novel.   Will I still do them this coming  year?  I don’t know: I don’t follow rules well;  I also rebel against deadlines and slow down during WriMos; the exception for this is when I am hosting sprints or somehow directly involved with helping others get their wordcounts up.


If I could sum up my year as a writer in one word: GIVE

All the best stuff happened when I gave of myself whether to my craft, to fellow ROWers, to local charities, to …you name it.  The best words, the best feelings, the best experiences came from giving.

That didn’t surprise me at all.  😀

(Update for Wednesday– it may be an odd post.  With Christmas for the Boodle and birthday stuff, I’d considered not posting.  Thing is…  I know how bad I am about habits.  I’m posting mostly because I need to post for consistency.)

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  • Tattered and torn, 10 April 2009 (Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle)
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8 responses to “STFS — I Broke a Nail

  1. I think that one word sums up much of what my experience has been as well. I do have one caveat and this is a general one, but I find that I have 3 individuals who this MUST be applied to. If they choose to meet me on my terms, then all is well, if not, then it is on them, and I am moving on, and in one case, will seek legal redress, but it is this: I will give as long as it is needed. If you take advantage of me, or if you abrogate a pre-arranged loan, then woe be unto you. I have learned that for the most part, people do not take advantage and are truly grateful and the ones who need the most, are the ones who are the last to ask for assistance and the ones who will take the minimum offered.

    I’ve been helped by many and I try to repay the blessings and also, it is important to let some do me a small favor; I will not take their blessing from them. As to writing, I’ve been trying to edit my “hot mess” from NaNo 2013, and it seems to be shaping up, and then, it falls back into “hot mess-dom” and maybe it should just be approached as a “fun read” and try for profundity later. Have a glorious Christmas and New Year and your contributions have been valued, Eden. I continue to feel blessed and am learning more. Whether I ever become a published author remains to be seen, as well, but it’s a fun ride! All my love, Mary


    • Thank you so much for such wonderful (and insightful) words, Mary. Truly, we should be allowed to give and receive without guilt. Oddly enough… the receiving seems to be so hard for some, yet what a gift it is to the giver!

      Yes, there will always be that odd one or two (or in your case, three) who abuse kindness and human decency, but they are truly the minority. And I don’t know about you, but… I’m not about to live my life catering to the lowest common denominator. 😀


  2. Gosh, I love you. In all the sappy ways, and all the not sappy ones. I even love all the times I’ve hated you. Hating you was part of loving you.

    I’m tired. I’m not making sense. You probably know what I mean, anyway!

    That’s one of a grainbin full of tribbles’ worth of reasons why I love you.

    I’m sorry about your nail. I’ll hug you so long as there is no velvet involved. I hope you’re healed up soon.

    I am wishing you the most luminescent birthday imaginable. I’m so glad you were born, and that you ended up where I was – although Stillwater Central might not have been either of our first choice…I’m glad we became friends, and that we’ve found our way back to that time and again. I can’t even imagine who or what I would be today if we weren’t best friends at 9. When I watch my own 9 with her best friend, I hope they will get to share something akin to it (but without all the reactivity…).

    I love your summary. What you’ve discovered about you may not be easily visible in tangible form, but it will affect everything about the way you approach – well, everything, I guess. It’s wider and deeper than any specific goal could be.

    I think it’s awesome. And so are you!

    I’d love to get together; we’re still sharing vehicles that both need things, so I can’t say when – but I do want to take Lise ice skating one day at the Empire State Plaza and then visit the museum, which the kids have been eager for for a while, now. Fridays, they have free skate rentals. Might be a perfect time for a meetup.

    And now I’ve written a response-folder length comment….old habits die hard! *gryn!*


    • Response-length comments… I MISS the response folders! (The online collaborations I’ve seen just aren’t the same… either too serious or not enough chances of interwoven independence, etc.)

      *blushes start fading* Love you too. That was definitely glowing praise for someone I know frustrates and annoys the heck out of you at times. 🙂 But thank you. And I’d love to get together too, but car trouble is taking its own toll here as well. We’re trying to get just those few months more out of the Impala, in a few more days the KIA won’t even be able to go anywhere without being towed, etc. It’ll happen eventually.

      As for SCS… I don’t know. It definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice, but because it was what was, I think it ‘made the situation’ so to speak. Possibly things would have happened the way they did in another place and time, but… well, I don’t know. Fate was in our favor.

      Ice skating at the Plaza? Ooh, must check that out!


  3. I like that you have found your trigger…giving. This profession, hobby, project, whatever it is for you, of writing usually makes giving hard in the doing of it. The completion is another matter, the finished work is always a gift (albeit one we hope people will pay for). Thank goodness for connection via internet! I also find giving to others to be a huge motivator. Thanks for the thoughts! And congrats on your progress.


    • Writing as a gift… I like that image. Much as the traveling troubadour offering glimpses of foreign lands through verse, we share stories of new worlds, our world… of people and experiences that entertain, teach, awaken, rest…

      Thanks for visiting, Becca.


  4. I bite my nails so I don’t usually have nails long enough to break, but I have bitten them off pretty short and *woo* can that HURT but yeah, it’s more annoying than anything else.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


    • I toss between letting mine grow too long so they break and biting them (less so since the new crowns on my teeth… really messed with the sharpness factor). But broken nails aren’t really a big deal.

      Papercuts on the other hand….