Chicanery — a WIPpet post

It’s Wednesday.



It’s Wednesday and a major holiday for most people, so it probably seems odd to post today.  I mean, how many people will post blogs today?  Especially WIPpets.

I’m posting.  I must.  I must post because I have a terrible tendency to forget to post if I miss a week.  Then I feel guilty, then I don’t want to post anything.  Then I…

Long story short, I need some consistency.  So, while I’m looking across our livingroom scattered as it is with the dregs of Christmas morning, decorated tree and Nutcracker on the video PC, let me give you something of a Christmas present.

Fantasia has always been on my short-list of beloved movies.  Clair de Lune has likewise been one of m favorite pieces of music.  When Disney first released Fantasia, several songs were dropped from production.  Some were even cut after filming.  Here is one of those pieces:

also…  please enjoy this amazing piece to make a White Christmas seem more real, even in areas like ours where the snow left two days ago:


I dropped into Chapter 22 of Release for this WIPpet since I didn’t have a Chapter 44.  “Forty-four?” you say.  “What does 44 have to do with the 25th of December?”

Nothing really, save I turned 44 today.  Yep.  That’s me.  Double doubles…

I did give you 25 sentences to make up for the other weirdness.

“Fine thing to tell me now,” I growled, taking Chaz’s cigarettes off of the desk and snitching one. I fumbled a moment with my dead lighter before Chaz sighed and reached into his pocket for his. “Thanks.” I held it back out to him but didn’t release it when he reached out his hand. “Tell me something, Chaz.”

His brow rose. “Yes?”

I let go of the lighter and moved away to grab a seat by the ashtray. “Is everyone here involved in this chicanery?”

A chuckle formed at his lips and was held back barely. “Chicanery. Where’d you learn a big word like that?”

Chaz had developed evasion into an artform. I was more certain of that than I’d ever been before. Still, I winced, regretting what I’d said. Given all that had happened since our arrival, it was mad to think Chaz would have just let those things happen. He had lost as much as I had, even more than I had. Two of his own children and one of his lovers were dead. Ellen and he had lost their sister. I managed an apologetic smile. “I saw it used on the vid.”

He just nodded. “And to think some people say the thing has no redeeming value whatsoever. Go, get those errands done. I want you taking a rest around Nooning.”

Well, that’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed the ‘pet and had a lovely holiday if you celebrate.  Blessings of goodwill and the season go with you all.

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14 responses to “Chicanery — a WIPpet post

  1. Ok, I like Chaz well enough. He’s not ‘Listii, but he’ll do!

    Happy to see your day was lovely! Welcome to 44 – I’ve spent a few months getting it ready for you.

    I’d like to know more about this scene. What chicanery? How come Kieri doesn’t get his hand slapped for bumming the cigarette? What’s next?


    • Chaz is fun. He’s got his own basket of charms and flaws. Of course, ‘Listii was Chaz’s favorite teacher, so…

      As for slapping Kieri’s hand… Chaz knows what really hurts the Brat is not giving into his bossiness. No need to be violent when he can teach the lesson just as well by smiling and evading the issue.

      44 is looking pretty good so far… a lot like 43, but… 😉


  2. Great excerpt. And I’m intrigued to know more about Chaz. Seems like he’s been through a lot. Hope you had a good Christmas. 🙂


    • Chaz has been through quite a bit. He’s one of those secondary characters that appeared out of nowhere and started taking over. I’m still learning about him too. 😀

      Thanks. Hope your holiday was everything you dreamed it would be.


  3. Happy (Belated) Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day for such an auspicious double digit event. 😀

    “Chaz had developed evasion into an artform.” Nice. I think I’ve been accused of that from time to time. Hee, hee. Love the interaction here, the subtleties of their actions. Very nice.


    • I think being a good writer comes from developing such artforms, Kathi. You’ll get no criticisms from me.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Double doubles are… oddly like the number before it. 😉


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  5. Hmm… cigarettes and loss. I wonder how many people had that kind of thing going on this Christmas. 😦


    • Fortunately no one here. I know some of my betas when I first sent out Release were surprised that I don’t smoke because of the way I portrayed my characters, but…

      And no loss here, thankfully. Well, not quite true. My god-father died, but he’d been ill for a long time, was 89, and in a sense, it was more a relief knowing that he was getting peace and able to go to spend time with his wife who’d been long departed.


      • There’s a big difference between losing someone who’s been suffering vs. someone who is gone suddenly.

        Smoking is certainly an unfortunate habit to pick up. I’m glad it’s not a personal one for either of us. 🙂


        • Exactly. Sometimes the loss is only a loss of memories, not of the moment. The moment is comfort.

          Too true.. My father and brother are smokers, and my mother and grandmother did for years. I got a lot of images of ‘how it should work” but never the inclination to try it. Worked out well for my fiction. 😀 And my health.


  6. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Eden, and a very happy birthday! Beautiful pieces of music – at least you’ve seen snow, it’s just very windy with rain and hail at the moment in the UK.

    I really like the interaction between the two of them. They both seem very strong, and there’s subtle humour despite the trauma they’ve obviously been through. Also, great use of the word snitching. 🙂


    • Sorry to hear you’ve not gotten much snow, Kate. I remember some November snows over there in the Midlands at least, but yeah… you guys don’t seem to get it quite like we do.

      Then again, we don’t get it quite like we used to. Brown Christmases are becoming more and more common here… The real snow usually doesn’t show up until January.

      As for the scene… I’m glad you liked the interaction. Sometimes I wonder if I’m using too many little motions and not getting right into the heart of the conflicts between my characters. Balance… I have horrid balance.