Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

Missing Monday

At least it’s not a Manic Monday (well, it kind of was, but it also could have been far worse that it was).

I missed yesterday’s Some Thing 4 Sunday post because of the end of the holidays daze.  Not sure of what else to call it, but mostly it involved sitting in a chair rewatching old episodes of Castle after bursts of serious house cleaning, boxing and storing and sorting…

The pile of things to donate and leave the house sitting by the front door is as long as I am tall and nearly as deep.  One of my goals this year is to make my house into a place I want to live in as opposed to one I wish to flee from.

Moment of Heaven, make it happen... daily

A moment of Heaven, make it happen… daily

I grew up with hoarders; it’s taken me some time to realize that I don’t need to follow in their footsteps though.

So given that it’s a new year and many posts people are making seem to relate to goals and resolutions, let’s follow that trend.  First, let me please share a wonderful post from Daphne Gray-Grant about her take on resolutions.  For me, it makes perfect sense.  I’m not one for denial.  I need my silver linings.  It’s why I was never good at the annual “weight loss” thing so many people try (I also suspect it’s why so many people keep going back to that same resolution).

In this instance, it’s the first day of a new ROWnd of the ROW80.  (For those of you who don’t know what the ROW80 is, please take a look a the group site; I’m sure you’ll find everything you need there.)  Normally ROWers would have posted their goals for this round on Sunday or last Wednesday.  Wednesday was holiday, and yesterday was…

No matter.  My goals are simple:

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song
  • picture of my office

    In All its Chaotic Glory

    make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) on a consistent schedule

  • maintain active sponsor participation
  • energize myself with more physical activity
  • reclaim my writing space
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) weekly
  • laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more…  a world of more, because I’m tired of Living in the Depression*

That’s about it.  How about you?  What are your plans for these next eighty days?  Remember, it’s takes about 30 days for something to become a habit.  Then from habit to ritual…  By the end of the round, life will be a different kind of wonderful.

* It’s not as bad as it seems, but growing up in the households of my grandparents who all lived through the Great Depression, I was taught to never get rid of anything, to be ultra-frugal…  sometimes to the point of reserving myself.  And now that I look at their memories…  I know what I want to carry with me.  More is not a curse-word.