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City Square — a WIPpet/ROW80 post

ROW80 Check-in

Since it’s the only the beginning of this ROW80 round, there isn’t much to update.  I posted my goals in (what should have been) this Sunday’s post Missing Monday.  How did I do?

  • Semi-check (fiction writing only yesterday),
  • plotted out list of missing scene… so Check
  • writing this now…so Check,
  • surpassed minimum by landslide
  • some activity but I sprained my ankle so less than I hoped
  • I didn’t add more stuff, but…
  • added more stuff to go through  😦
  • Made time for a LOT of this….  Double Check!

Nice momentum…  Now to maintain it.


One outdoor room

One outdoor room

I played with the WIPpet maths today and found many ways to achieve my choice of four paragraphs.  The one I like the best is 8 = 2*2*2 or 2 to the power of 3.  The three comes from 14 (1-4 though I’m ignoring the negative).  1 for the month over 2 makes ½, and ½ of 8 is 4.  Yeah, I was feeling twisty today…

Anywho, until further notice (i.e. I say I’m taking an emotional break), all WIPets will be coming from Courting the Swan Song.  These four paragraphs come early in the book, around the second chapter:

Alanii looked about the place, sheltered as it was by the tall stucco and timber buildings—at least two floors and a balcony to each that leaned out to further enclose the space. It felt warm and welcoming even in the dreary mist-filled air, sharing a touch of the main courtyard of Far-Ancaniia, though his homeland’s great city did not support such a place solely for the gathering of women, excepting those who came to gather water for their daily chores.

Several fosterling clutches sat in rooms about the great fountain, a magnificent work of both carving and pipes. Alanii could see the Great Star of his own famed ancestor Kieri Rayestra, being supported by the firelizard of House Harnii as it rode the waves of House Lanii. He pursed his lips and glanced over to his escort, wondering if they had gathered the symbolism as he had. And if so, what did they think of their oath to the House that needed raising up by the rest?

Their party paused on the main roadway just before they entered the square. It had been easy enough to see that Vissellii was nervous about approaching her class and needed a moment to gather herself. She didn’t say so, nor had she let much more than a brief show of uncertainty alter her calm mien, but Alanii had been watching for the break in her calm and he knew what the quick, flash of tension that ran through her body and made her almost, but not quite begin to clutch his hand meant.

So as they drew up to the gathering place, he began to look around the courtyard more carefully. Though well into the Nooning rest period several dainhouses remained open, he wasn’t sure he dared suggest one without some input from his men. This was their purview. The last time he’d been to any city, his mother and father could still carry him against the hip and have a hand free to point at the sights.

Hugs and lattes to K.L.Schwengel the WIPpet goddess.  If you want to read other ‘pets, head over to our linky to visit the whole crew.