Daily Archives: January 13, 2014

Mini Monday

Grandma's House

The stories this door can tell…

Yet again, I missed my post for Sunday.  I had one half-written in my drafts queue waiting for the ROW80 update part, but…

Well, I spent yesterday pretty much in the car… over the Mohawk River and through many, many woods   After some pleasantly busy holidays, we went out to Syracuse for a day trip to visit family: my grandfather in the nursing home (my! can that man scarf down Lindor Truffles), my grandmother at her house, and my uncle and his wife at their home.  Oh, yeah, and a Wegman’s stop on the way home for the Boodle because…  well, if you’ve ever shopped at the Wegman’s in Dewitt, you’ll understand.

If only it weren’t on a main road….

It was a busy, but fun day.  Dan even indulged my obsession with driving along rt 5 for a time instead of the Thruway so I could see some of the cool old farm houses and my latest “dream home”.  (I can’t help but wish I could open this place as a writer’s retreat/B&B.)

I got some writing done in the car…  most of it on my (now late) sponsor post.  I didn’t get much writing done on Saturday because I was trying to catch up on my forensics class (I’m behind again!).  *sighs*

As far as my goals are going…  I count more successes than failures, but I wish I could find a bit of clear headspace to shift modes for my writing.  Courting is suffering from a lack of attention.  I’m not feeling a connection with any of characters, with my office space, with…  well most of the things that give me mental peace at the moment.  Yesterday, for all of its busy-ness actually helped a lot.

Here’s to a more peaceful Wednesday.

For anyone interested in astory that door can tell…  please read this post:  Family Stories