Mini Monday

Grandma's House

The stories this door can tell…

Yet again, I missed my post for Sunday.  I had one half-written in my drafts queue waiting for the ROW80 update part, but…

Well, I spent yesterday pretty much in the car… over the Mohawk River and through many, many woods   After some pleasantly busy holidays, we went out to Syracuse for a day trip to visit family: my grandfather in the nursing home (my! can that man scarf down Lindor Truffles), my grandmother at her house, and my uncle and his wife at their home.  Oh, yeah, and a Wegman’s stop on the way home for the Boodle because…  well, if you’ve ever shopped at the Wegman’s in Dewitt, you’ll understand.

If only it weren’t on a main road….

It was a busy, but fun day.  Dan even indulged my obsession with driving along rt 5 for a time instead of the Thruway so I could see some of the cool old farm houses and my latest “dream home”.  (I can’t help but wish I could open this place as a writer’s retreat/B&B.)

I got some writing done in the car…  most of it on my (now late) sponsor post.  I didn’t get much writing done on Saturday because I was trying to catch up on my forensics class (I’m behind again!).  *sighs*

As far as my goals are going…  I count more successes than failures, but I wish I could find a bit of clear headspace to shift modes for my writing.  Courting is suffering from a lack of attention.  I’m not feeling a connection with any of characters, with my office space, with…  well most of the things that give me mental peace at the moment.  Yesterday, for all of its busy-ness actually helped a lot.

Here’s to a more peaceful Wednesday.

For anyone interested in astory that door can tell…  please read this post:  Family Stories

10 responses to “Mini Monday

  1. The price on your dream house is a steal! I don’t care how much work it needs, and on 12 acres? I wish I lived nearby, I’d but in a offer on it!


    • Until about ten years ago it served as a retirement home for a while. Some of the stained glass is broken and needs replacing, but it’s generally in decent shape from what I’d seen. It’s in the center of “Palantine German” country, so horse-drawn buggies are common, right near the Mohawk river. I agree… It’s a steal. If we weren’t in mid-renovations we’d grab it up in an instant.


  2. Umm, you have just described my last couple of days, only I have no cool houses or pretty pictures to ease the pain. Half-full glass, though! Sometimes we need a break to replenish the well and re-connect the broken connections. It sounds like you did a great job on that front, so yay!

    Here’s to more headspace in the coming days!


    • Well, the replenishment is coming slowly, but it’s coming. All the nifty houses and pictures were before we did the family visits… They got me through the running around.

      Are you saying you still need to get that sponsor post done too? *hangs head in shame* I really meant to get it done, but I needed to edit photos to give to my grandfather Saturday, fix some laundry emergencies, etc… Basically Life intervened. Sounds like it did for you too.


  3. That place would definitely make a wonderful writer’s retreat! I can see why you love it! I enjoyed reading about your visiting of relatives (especially about your grandpa and Lindor Truffles, I love them too!) Sounds like a peaceful drive through the country. Glad you had such an enjoyable respite!


    • Actually, rt.5 in NY isn’t so much ‘country’ as a continuum of small towns (actually they used to be called cities before the population minimums were raised). It basically follows the old Erie Canal and a lot of the town and cities are stops along its route. A lot of history… both personal and statewide.

      Thanks for commenting and enjoying though, Morgan. If I ever get the money together I’ll definitely be putting you on the invite list.


  4. Cate Russell-Cole

    What a great time out and about. Eden we need those times as much as we need dedicated writing time. The batteries have got to recharge some time!