Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Proud Host — a WIPpet/ROW80


Fifteen words for the day plus one for the month…  sort and sweet:

Hirisii was too cock-sure and proud to be seen as anything less than the ideal host.

He couldn’t be drinking those lattes, could he? I mean, look at that smile…

Hugs and lattes to K.L.Schwengel the WIPpet goddess.  If you want to read other ‘pets, head over to our linky to visit the whole crew.  (Truth be told, I’m not sure the WIPpet mistress likes lattes…  either that or the monkeys keep drinking them on her when I send them over.)

ROW80 check-in

Some progress this week.  Here’s my goals with notes:

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences not yet today but everyday so far; now I just need to concentrate more on story writing
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song I’ve reread pieces I’ve written but I’m not getting far in this
  • make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) on a consistent schedule not as consistent as I would like; the posts are there, but they could be on schedule
  • maintain active sponsor participation some…  I still need to get that sponsor post written.  I’ve made notes and a few first drafts, but…
  • energize myself with more physical activity some daily walks and work with weights added each day
  • reclaim my writing space some progress, most of it involved in not letting more thing pile on my desk
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) weekly no progress here, sadly
  • Hi!

    Hi! (photo cred: Dan Mabee)

    laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more…  a world of more, because I’m tired of Living in the Depression* lot and LOTS of progress on this front (actually, my husband has been making a point of taking pictures of me smiling and laughing…  for someone who has always been embarrassed by her laughter and appearance, it’s been a renewing experience, one I think everyone should try)

And that’s it for today.  See you Sunday!