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Mirrors? — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


Reflections On Ingenuity

Reflections On Ingenuity (Photo credit: mjp*)

Oh, it’s been one of those Wednesdays.

I had more fun figuring out my WIPPet maths than figuring out a piece of story to post.  Despite making some more progress (finally) on the Swan Song Series, I still spent more time working on my fanfiction the Was Long Variation.  So here are eight sentences from that (2 to the power of 9 equals 512; 5 plus 1 plus 2 equals 8):

He knew he took longer getting ready than the queen wanted. Though he admired the view in the mirror as she started her shower, he re-braided his hair in silence. And he didn’t try to look too close. The woman’s expression could have made his old friend Chaz flinch, and near nothing had affected that man.

While she filled the bath with steam (his own shower had been much cooler), he took another peek into her room to verify something he thought he’d seen before. He asked as he headed to his own room, “Mirrors, your highness? Nice bed you’ve got.”

Behind the shower curtain something clattered to the floor, but the woman said nothing.

Warm hugs ( especially in this weather)  to K.L.Schwengel for maintaining the WIPpet.  Head over to our linky to visit all the WIPpeeters!

ROW80 Check-in

Work In Progress

Work In Progress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Progress!  Real, definable progress!  Yay me!

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences  hit this one everyday so far; l I even started work on the Swan Song Series again
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song  no progress on Courting, but I added a scene to Chorus (working name); at least I’m back in the series again
  • make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) on a consistent schedule check
  • maintain active sponsor participation I still need to write my sponsor post; I’m caught up on other sponsor duties; I’m dedicating this Saturday to the sponsor post; the rest of this week is too crazy to focus on more than gathering pieces together for it
  • energize myself with more physical activity some Tai Chi and extended posture work; made a point to add extra stair walking to each day
  • reclaim my writing space tossed some papers, sorted through some others
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) emptied inboxes and spam folders on all three email accounts
  • laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more…  LOTS of hugs and minor progress on catching up with people

Looking over this list, I want to add one more goal, mostly because it will help support several of the other goals.

  • attend two #row80 sprints on Twitter a week and one other Twitter sprint or chat

There’s something powerful about success.  Now, time to work on momentum….

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