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Nothing to See — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


ashram - at night

ashram – at night (Photo credit: allisoncake)

Today, inspiration and ambition seem to be … nowhere.  Most of the week since Sunday has run the same way.  I’m in a hibernating state, and working on anything beyond playtime projects seems impossible.

So here are three paragraphs from my fanfic the Was Variation.  This week’s entry comes a few pages before last week’s entry, Mirrors, as 2-5=-3.

About halfway back he sensed a change in the breeze, a wisp of earth, of must. The peepers began an erratic, warning song. Something rustled in the trees a ways up the road. He reached for his knife and extended his Sight.

Nothing. Nothing to See. But the sense something threatened deepened. Within his grip, the knife seemed to quiver, an echo of fear that he could only assume was his own unease. He Looked once more, then started to relax his talent.

Too soon. An energy too alien for his experience rushed past. His Sight recoiled, and he found himself thrown to his knees on the pavement. His knife landed on the ground in front of him with a clatter. A voice, the same one he’d heard during his talk with the queen earlier, echoed in his mind. Instead of laughter, anguish filled the touch.

ROW80 Check-in

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

No real news since Sunday.  Here’s the checklist; it’s mostly blank:

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences  I did one day
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song  nada
  • make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) on a consistent schedule check
  • maintain active sponsor participation I still need to write my sponsor post, and I even called on two of my fellow sponsors for some brainstorming help; all else on track
  • energize myself with more physical activity I did make an effort to move more often; I didn’t feel like it at all
  • reclaim my writing space  Desk?  What desk?
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) I updated both my machines for all the VIP stuff, scanned and cleared off extra install fluff
  • laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more…  there have been hugs, and there have been cuddles, and the hubby and I made plans for a date at the Symphony this Saturday for Bolero and Wagner (we’re going to test the theory espoused by the Castle episode “Til Death Do Us Part”)

That’s it.  Nothing special.


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