ST4S – Perspective

Instead of a Some Thing 4 Sunday post today… I have another image to share with you.  I took this a few years back while walking through Montreal, and after all the snow we’ve had, the cold that’s running rampant through the house, etc….

I though we could use a little


ROW80 Check-In

I’m actually bowing out today from  giving a full update check-in.  I’ve been sick all weekend, and despite being flumped and half-conscious all day today, I just want to go to bed and try to sleep.  I’ll give a full check-in on Wednesday with my WIPpet post.  Until then, stay safe…  and if you’re in  the great white north (aka New York State), stay warm.  😉

4 responses to “ST4S – Perspective

  1. Get well soon. x


  2. Sys,

    Flumped half-conscious on the bed all day was me yesterday. I’m a bit better today, but the bed is still getting quite a bit of my time.

    I told the kids I feel like a boneless bag of Mom. Jim offered to help me with that.

    Such is life.

    May you be feeling way better now. That is a cool smile!


    • Bleh! I wonder if we both gave each other those cold bugs that had been tormenting us earlier but we’d almost conquered,…

      Feel better. And I’m glad you enjoyed the smile. Sounds like you needed it too.