Daily Archives: March 31, 2014

ST4S – Five Years Ago Today

Since I don’t have a ROW80 post to write today, and I’ve somewhat promised myself a break from “trying to write” anything (especially stories, but pretty much anything), here’s a picture from five years ago today.

IMG_3719_webIt’s of a house in the hamlet of Alcove, set against a creek and waterfall.  The owners have taken to building a spiral staircase that opens down by the water’s edge.  The stairs were being made, much the way spiral staircases had been in old European castles and and fortresses, with huge stone slabs carefully balanced against each other.  Every year I like to go and see the progress they’ve made on their work.  Some years, a lot.  Some, not so much, such as the years after the flooding caused by the hurricanes Irene and Katrina.

It’s an amazing process to watch, even as distantly as I have.  To imagine all this having been done for centuries with mostly hand tools and manual labor is incredible.  Even now, here, this is amazing work.  That waterfall flows quite fast and strong for a good portion of the year.

But the view they must have….