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Look Around

Welcome Back,  everyone!   Both the WIPpet and the ROW80 move into full swing today (actually, the ROW80 started on Monday, but today is the first check-in).

So let’s get started with a quick…


Since today is the 9th of April, so let me give you five small paragraphs from Courting the Swan Song (4-9=-5, but I’m feeling positive today, so…).

The square Vissellii led them to looked to be one of the older courtyards of the city. The buildings were all tall, lathe and plaster wood-framed structures whose second and third stories leaned out over the open center like the trees that had formed them.

In the center of the courtyard there was a large fountain in tricot splay, each of its leaf-shaped outer pools sporting smaller sprays that flowed into the larger center. Nestled between the outer pools, small grassy hollows circled the water’s edge. Little stonework patios with a bench or two were set against the outer point of these small rooms. And in each there was a lady sheltering a group of young girls and women near her skirts.

Alanii looked around him slowly, taking in the scene, both pastoral and so very artificial at once. The trees, few that there were, stood tall and slender. Clearly they felt a need to push past their dead cousins that overstood them to reach the sun. At least there was sun today. It wasn’t as gray, even in this closed-in hall of outdoor rooms, as he’d felt the world had been for the past few weeks.

In all, he suspected that he had chosen his delays for all the right reasons after all. He was being well rewarded by the heavens or the Fates or…

Without saying a word, Alanii cocked an eye with some envy toward his Guard and their surety that some divine being was watching over them. Alanii knew his mother despaired over his lack of faith in the Goddess. His father, he also knew, didn’t care. The man had no concerns over divine providence, often noting that the holiest of men was no less a victim of the spring floods or the winter’s icy rains than the most devious bastard to burn in the low hells.

The scene in question comes from inspirations acquired in England, particularly from estates such as Audley End and cities such as Lichfield.  A some of all representating none?  I mention this because I know there is a large UK contingent to the WIPpet, and I’d love any comments on whether this place “feels real”.

As always, may I inspire you to go look at all the WIPpeteers?  We’re an awesome group, held together, loosely by the talented cat-herder, K.L.Schwengel.  😀


ROW80LogocopyThis early in the challenge, I really have little to report.  I’m on track with my goals (same goals as last round, reposted this Monday), except for writing new stuff.  I’m having a hard time starting myself this time.  It’s early though.  I’m sure by Sunday I’ll be moving forward again.

Checking in and admitting that things aren’t perfect though is kind of freeing.   Thanks for being here to encourage me.  If you’d like, other ROWers would love to have a visit from you too: here.