Happy Chocolate Coma

Short check-in post today…  though, despite the title, I’m still all here.  But I have a special post for tomorrow that I need to work on (yes, a post on Monday–rules are meant to be broken, after all).  Shan Jeniah tagged me for the Writing Process Blog Tour, and now that I have the questions to work on…  off I go to type, type away.

Instead making of a big post for the holiday, let’s leave the grand goals check-list alone for a day and just say things are about the same as they were last Wednesday, maybe even slightly better.

And let’s end things with some Funny Little Bunnies.*

*Hard to believe there are so few videos related to Easter out there.

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6 responses to “Happy Chocolate Coma

  1. Sorry it took me so long to get them to you – I got pulled into three projects, all at once, and just kept forgetting….sigh.

    Hope its not more than you can handle in the time you have (you can take another day or two if you need it!).


    • Hmm, I probably should take you up on that… but I won’t. It’ll actually be easier to get it done sooner instead of later. Besides, since I announced I was doing it today, I kind of have committed myself.


  2. Haha, yeah, I decided not even to bother trying to make a post today, and I don’t even celebrate Easter. A good practice in reminding myself that there’s nothing so important on the Intrawebz that can’t wait until tomorrow.


    • Oh, it wasn’t so bad making a post on Easter. After all, I got to watch some funny little bunnies. 😀

      Still, I certainly see your viewpoint too.


  3. Good luck with the Writing Process Blog Tour. Hope you’re having a great week!