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…to an older story, an older format.

ROW80 Check-In

ROW80LogocopyNo big checklist this week.  Before Sunday, I should have the pages off my banner updated so that my goals will be posted there instead.  They take up a lot of eyespace on the page.

I didn’t do a check-in this past Sunday.  Migraines…  It would have been a generally upbeat post had I felt good enough to make it with news of walks in the woods and lots of pictures taken before Saturday hit.  Monday was something of a “recover myself day”, and Tuesday was visits and house cleaning.  And somewhere in there, I got writing done and video games played and TV watched as well as savoring  family time.

It’s progress.  I’m happy with it.  I just need to write my sponsor post, just not now.

For now, it’s….

WIPpet Wednesday where we post a piece of our Work In Progress at this linky and offer support and constructive observations to our fellow WIPpeteers.  Jump on in and join us.  We’re a friendly group.  Thanks to Kathi at My Random Muse for hosting.


Since I’ve had so much trouble trying to get my head into Swan Song lately, it seemed time to surrender to the inevitable and just do something, anything, that got me back into writing regularly.  That something has ended up being a story that I’d been posting weekly to this blog over a year ago that I called the Unnamed Story (the actual working name has always been Phuque Ewe, but this is supposed to be polite company, sooo….).

To start this story as a WIPpet, I’m posting the last five paragraphs (five for the 5th month) I posted way back in April of 2013.  The whole story, to this point, is listed by installments in the above “Stories From My Worlds” link in my banner if you’d like to read the nine pieces that get us here.  Next week, I’ll continue from this point:

“Atyr…what are you doing?”

A small snort of mirth answered him. “I’m not sure.” She released him and helped push him back to sitting. “It was just something to do, I guess.”

He looked at her wryly, taking in the impish gleam in her eyes and her bright expression. There was something else lingering there too. He didn’t want to think about what it might mean.

Valistii ended up not having a chance to think about it beyond that thought. In seconds, Atyr was on her knees next to him. Then she was straddling his lap. Her hands cupped his chin upward toward her lowered face.

A reverse play of what he’d done to her in the kitchen followed.

There we go… short update. Short WIPpet. I hope you enjoy while I get back to writing. 😀

16 responses to “Going Back

  1. I admit my curiosity got me, so I clicked the link for the previous entry containing these paragraphs. Very steamy! 🙂


    • Very steamy… but did you enjoy it. 😉

      I’m actually a bit concerned about posting the next bit, since… well, it gets more intense. I mean, I try to not write sex scenes that don’t add real characterization and plot to a story, but… I do write sex scenes, and I’m a bit divided as to whether I should post them to a blog. Or whether they’d even be appreciated here.

      Any opinions?


  2. Great excerpt! I just want to know what’s going to happen next!! A little steamy at the end, and left me extremely curious about their emotions. Well done! 🙂


    • Well, if you’ve got the time and want to read the whole story (like ReGi’s Queen of Bears, this story has been posted since its beginning here on the blog. Just go to the Stories From My Worlds link and go down to the Unnamed Story. I hope you like it

      As for their emotions…. they’re both rather something of a wreck at the moment and trying to find some comfort with each other.


  3. Congratulations on that progress! And those walks in the woods sounds lovely. Hope you have a terrific round, Eden!


    • Thanks, Julie. The walks were lovely, and I’m pretty sure there’s a repeat in the near future. May we all have a terrific round.


  4. Ooo this is steamy stuff Eden! Well written! And I just love the term ‘Phuque Ewe’ – that really made me laugh!! 🙂


  5. Andrew Couch

    Sorry you weren’t up for Sunday checkin. Hope you are doing better. Thanks for dropping by my checkin with the encouraging words. Daily writing really is a habit to get it, though a struggly one.
    Such a neat hook into the story with just a few paragraphs. Hope it helps you get into writing your other stories.


    • Sunday check-ins tend to be the hardest ones for me, sick or not. But thanks for the encouragement. Someday, like daily writing and language practice, I will get to that point when they become more natural.

      I think we all hope our practices become more natural. How’s your daily writing doing?

      Glad you enjoyed the WIPpet too. Clearly shorter IS better with these pieces. 🙂

      (sorry about not replying sooner. had a weird “lost comment” issue here… either that or a “just not seeing things correctly in the pending folder” issue


  6. Zow. Well, that’s going to get interesting in a hurry.

    Phuque Ewe. LOL that is a good one!

    Sex happens. If it happens between characters and they insist on sharing, well, as long as it’s not gratuitous, over the top, erotica and not in a genre supporting that, I’m not opposed to seeing it on blogs. Maybe just give a ‘fair warning’ for anyone who isn’t that keen on reading it.


    • Good idea on that fair warning, Kathi. Because, yes… things are going to get very interesting soon between these two.

      Glad you like the “name” though, I can’t really take credit for it. Well, no more than any of my other story “names” for first drafts. I just toss the first thing that comes to my head on the file. It’s why I have directories on my PC called “Stuff” and “Random Stuff” and stories named “dotdot.dot”. Some are even named after the color of the notebook I was writing in at the time….

      (ps: sorry about not replying sooner… things got lost somehow in my comments)