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Trying to Recover (Myself)

Something ROW80-ish


Sunday (Photo credit: _bobi + bobi)

Another missed Something 4 Sunday post this week.  Only minor excuses…  it was Mother’s Day, I spent most of it in bed sick, and …  I’m processing a pile of research I’ve done on child abuse, cults and sexual … well, almost sexual everything and how it relates to the first topics.

Beyond May being an insanely busy month at Chez Mabee, my head has felt crammed as a result of this research time.  I keep remembering things about my childhood that are direct parallels to these things, experiences that might not have been on the same scale, but are also frightfully similar…

Green Tree Frog    Litoria caerulea

Green Tree Frog Litoria caerulea (Photo credit: Stephen Barnett)

As a result, my grand plans for a Sunday check-in or even a minor blog update just flew out the window.  I’m tabling the blog redesign for summer when I can stay up late and listen to the treefrogs peep outside my office window without the “must get up early to send the Boodle to school or camp” deadline.  I mean, I do it happily enough, especially since it’s what the Boodle says he wants and it seems to be working for him, but….  it hurts my head.  On so very many levels, it hurts my head.

ROW80LogocopyUntil then, you can check out my goals list in this older post.  I’m on track for pretty much everything except the Sunday posts these past two weeks.   Short one Twitter sprint/chat for last week.  The writing has been steady; however… all of it has been escapism writing, nothing actually involving my research yet… and, it’s all been long-hand.

The long-hand thing is significant, and I’ll definitely be writing more on that later.  For my sponsor post…  yeah, I’m behind on that too.

Let’s move the ROW80 (hosted and created by Kait Nolan) to the…


Two paragraphs* which follow directly on last week’s post.  For now, I intend to continue with this “Unnamed Story” (you can find the earlier eight installments following this link):

He marveled for a moment at her, at her sexuality, at her ardency. Then he growled deep in his throat and, finding secure footing, wrapped his arms around her lower back and stood up, holding her pressed against him.

She surrendered her hold on his lips with a gasp. Her eyes widened. “‘Listii! What–“

* Taking out fives …  May (5), 14 is 1+4, 2014 is 2+0 and 1+4…

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