Trying to Recover (Myself)

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Another missed Something 4 Sunday post this week.  Only minor excuses…  it was Mother’s Day, I spent most of it in bed sick, and …  I’m processing a pile of research I’ve done on child abuse, cults and sexual … well, almost sexual everything and how it relates to the first topics.

Beyond May being an insanely busy month at Chez Mabee, my head has felt crammed as a result of this research time.  I keep remembering things about my childhood that are direct parallels to these things, experiences that might not have been on the same scale, but are also frightfully similar…

Green Tree Frog    Litoria caerulea

Green Tree Frog Litoria caerulea (Photo credit: Stephen Barnett)

As a result, my grand plans for a Sunday check-in or even a minor blog update just flew out the window.  I’m tabling the blog redesign for summer when I can stay up late and listen to the treefrogs peep outside my office window without the “must get up early to send the Boodle to school or camp” deadline.  I mean, I do it happily enough, especially since it’s what the Boodle says he wants and it seems to be working for him, but….  it hurts my head.  On so very many levels, it hurts my head.

ROW80LogocopyUntil then, you can check out my goals list in this older post.  I’m on track for pretty much everything except the Sunday posts these past two weeks.   Short one Twitter sprint/chat for last week.  The writing has been steady; however… all of it has been escapism writing, nothing actually involving my research yet… and, it’s all been long-hand.

The long-hand thing is significant, and I’ll definitely be writing more on that later.  For my sponsor post…  yeah, I’m behind on that too.

Let’s move the ROW80 (hosted and created by Kait Nolan) to the…


Two paragraphs* which follow directly on last week’s post.  For now, I intend to continue with this “Unnamed Story” (you can find the earlier eight installments following this link):

He marveled for a moment at her, at her sexuality, at her ardency. Then he growled deep in his throat and, finding secure footing, wrapped his arms around her lower back and stood up, holding her pressed against him.

She surrendered her hold on his lips with a gasp. Her eyes widened. “‘Listii! What–“

* Taking out fives …  May (5), 14 is 1+4, 2014 is 2+0 and 1+4…

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18 responses to “Trying to Recover (Myself)

  1. What indeed! Nice. So nice.


  2. I find longhand frees me to write just anything, and I love to use it for brainstorming and rough draft scene ideas. When I type things into the computer, it feels more official.

    Nice little snippet!


    • I think you’ve described my experiences fairly well there, Ruth. It’s easier for me to get ideas out when I write them as opposed to typing them. I feel more playful, more able to just flow with the ink. It’s gets serious when I transcribe them into the computer.



  3. Ooh this is steamy Eden. I like! 😀


    • Glad you like. Though, I’m still struggling with the “limit” here. The story isn’t erotica, but at this point, for at least several more pages… it’s the naughty bits on full display. At least until everything crashes around them…


  4. Steamy scene! I like it. I had a chance to read a few of other excerpt of this story. Loved them! Nice work.

    Hope you feel better! Being sick is always a burden, especially since we have so much to accomplish.


    • I’m glad you’re enjoying these excerpts, Chloe. What killed the posting before was the sheer size of the snippets, I think… But, I like to think the story has a lot going for it.

      Eh, sick sucks, but life goes one. At least I have an escape into fiction available. 😀


  5. Hi! Fairly new ROWer here doing my visiting rounds. That research sounds like some heavy stuff. I hope you have your lighter breaks from them when you can. Some people might not think about how much things like that can really affect your mood.

    Good luck with your goals!


    • Hi, HI! Nice to see you here in this neck of the ROW80 world. (I remember visiting your blog last week… wasn’t that your first week in the challenge?)

      It is heavy stuff. Important stuff to be considered and studied, but… it can be hard to get past the triggers.

      Thanks for the encouragement. May you have a great round too!


  6. Beautiful excerpt, Eden! Love the glimpse into his thought process.

    I know what you mean about a busy month and various illnesses and whatnot. I’m afraid I’ve missed WIPpet Wednesday for three weeks because of them! I’m not gone forever, though, I promise! 🙂

    Feel better and I hope the craziness around the house settles soon as well.


    • Glad to hear you’re going to be heading back into the WIPpet fray soon (and definitely sorry about the sick-ick–we’ve got that starting to move its way through our home right now, so I understand).

      Thanks for the kind comments on my “Unnamed Story”, Xina


  7. Seems like things are getting hot in your snippet it there. But, I didn’t read last week’s (and I’m in a hurry to do this before boy gets back from school), so maybe it’s not hot?

    And I’m with you on the hating getting up early. I hate having to wake to an alarm. I can’t wait until I’m not a slave to the beeping. It maybe only 3 months, but they are a treasured 3 months of no beeps!


    • The steamy is definitely in progress, Gloria, although I do understand not reading all the excerpts. If ever you decide you want to head back and read all the pieces, you know how to find them. This blog’s not going anywhere for a while. 🙂

      Ugh, alarm clocks are just evil.


  8. (Sys) on the research. You know I know how that type of realization feels. It was profoundly worth the effort and the accompanying angst – but the initial research – that was draining and disheartening, and cost me some relationships I thought would be constants in my life…

    Much love. And my ears, if you want them. But always, always the love.

    I think I missed the previous WIPpet, and I’ve got a headache and a little much on today’s plate to go read it now. But you know I will get there, because ‘Listii!

    I love this snippet, and the decisiveness of his approach. Butthe opening of the first sentence….everything before ‘her ardency’, which I love, falls a little flat in comparison with what follows. It feels- not just right. I’m thinking there would be more immediacy and physicality in the way he experiences her ardency. It might add thrust to the passage if, instead of him ‘marveling at her sexuality’, you give a tidbit of what effect her ardency is having upon his mind -and his body.

    But – go, ‘Listii, go! 😉


    • Hmm, I guess it’s a matter of placement (the words you were hoping would start the snippet would have been the next paragraph had I posted more).

      As for the personal side of this all… It’s definitely a process, and it’s one that I’m working through slowly (as you can imagine). I’m getting there…somewhat. Hugs aren’t needed yet, at least not while the brain is braining things and I’m in huge rambling mode at the moment. This post almost took up several pages….