At A Loss

Right now, my head is spinning.  Not sure why, though some of it is definitely sinus pressure.

Koala sleeping on a tree top

Koala sleeping on a tree top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The rest is from the migraine I gave myself by messing with my sleep schedule.  I stayed up late way too many nights this weekend.  Thing is…  I never feel “good” until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, even on the best days.  I stay up late because I’m finally in a comfortable space…. and the fact that I’m usually not sleepy until 2am or later.

Never mind that I can’t sleep later than 7am most days, even on those promised days of sleeping in.

Today, being Memorial Day and a day that I’m not expected to be anywhere , I not only slept in, but took a huge nap after waking for a bit.  Bad idea, supposedly, and I’d be likely to agree given the way I feel right now.


Sleeping (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

I’m at a loss, however, to change things.  I’ve tried going to bed early and have laid up tossing and turning (or woken up in the middle hours not daring to get up because I’d disturb my husband).   The “noise” (mentioned in the above link) always keeps me from settling, and though the “experts” would probably disagree…  I’ve always slept better with blankets piled on me with the sun shining through an open window.  Maybe it’s a radiant heat thing, because I can’t sleep in a closed up house with a furnace on as well.  Cool air on the face and lots of blankets on the bod–that’s me!

I’d like to get Life and Sleep to work together a bit for me.  I knew most of these Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation before I read about them because I’ve lived most of them, and frankly, they all suck.

Thing is, I’m really at a loss.  I’ve had sleep issues for nearly 40 years of my life, and I don’t even know where to start to fix things.

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopySub-par…  I’ve done almost no writing, little reading, just….  well, a lot of staring at a screen (not counting the weed pulling yesterday).  And I feel like crud…  I’m not sleeping right, thinking right, getting the things done I’d like to do….

This “stuff” has to stop.  Thing is…  I’m at a loss.

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14 responses to “At A Loss

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling low Eden. Hope you feel better soon and that you get enough sleep. These days I sleep really well, but at times in the past I’ve slept really badly. So perhaps a day will come when you sleep well too. 🙂


    • Oh! Have you figured out what changed to help you sleep better, Elaine? Was it something you changed, or just changes in the body as you aged, or…?

      Certainly looking forward to that day. Thank you.


      • I figured out what works for me, which might not work for you: I simply turned the alarm clock away from me, so I can’t see what the time is and therefore I can’t stress about how late it is and still being awake.

        Seriously, that was all it took for me. The only time I don’t sleep so well is Christmas Eve cos I get all excited! I do, truly, it’s a bit sad when you’re my age but I do!! In the past I’ve also struggled to sleep the night before a flight, but I get sleeping pills for that and it hasn’t been an issue in a while anyway as I haven’t flown anywhere.


        • Ah… I tried that (actually, the clock is on my husband’s side of the bed, so I rarely see it anyway). Glad it worked for you. It did help when I made sure I couldn’t see the clock, just not enough. Every bit helps though. 🙂

          I think that’s cute that you don’t sleep well on Christmas Eve. Enjoy it, Elaine. Having special days to treasure is a wonderful thing.


          • Well… maybe I’ll say a prayer or two for you Eden. As I say I don’t suffer from insomnia myself, but I know what it’s like to not be able to sleep and I’ll pray that you can get enough sleep to get by. 🙂


            • Thank you, Elaine. Sleep can be… well, we all need to get our share. 🙂 And speaking of sleep… I think I probably should try to get some. Pleasant dreams.


  2. Oh honey. Hugs!!! Insomnia and I are old bed fellows. lol. Have you tried taking melatonin? When I was in Alaska the constant daylight from spring to fall knocked my sleep schedule out of whack. A doctor suggested it as an alternative to sleeping medication (I refused any of it). Your body naturally produces it to help you sleep (it’s not a sleeping pill!). A minor dose might be enough to help you slip off to sleep. I started with 2 mg, but moved up to 6. You really don’t need much.

    Once you get rest, your creativity will probably increase too. ❤


    • I’ve never tried melatonin, though, I’d be willing. Actual “sleeping pills” mess with my head (a lot of them are antihistamines or used as decongestants)…

      And yes, I can imagine that creativity will follow some real rest. :-\


  3. Eden, is it time to see a doctor? Maybe sleep in a different room so you can get up without disturbing DH? Could you have a serious sinus infection? I’d worry less about the writing and more about health and getting back to sleeping reasonably well. I hope you will have good news next check-in.


    • It’s a bunch of things. The sleep issues… well, I’ve had those since I was a kid. Long story that will probably be next week’s blog post, because it’s something I really would like to draw attention to…

      We have a serious cold floating about the house too, and I’ve got a few(!!!) abscessed teeth ( I thought I had only one, but a visit to the oral surgeon today told me I have three at the upper back of my mouth in bad, bad shape).

      Sleeping in another room does sound like a good idea though. Will have to work on that….


  4. Sweetie! Is there anything you can do about the teeth?? That has to be killing your ability to rest on top of the floating cold! ❤


    • Dentist tomorrow morning and probably in a few more weeks after that too…

      I’m thinking it’ll help too. Thanks, Dawn.


  5. Big hugs, Sys,

    I’ve learned that there’s no good in trying to fight my (admittedly odd) sleep cycles.

    The last two nights, I’ve had less than 4 hours each. I woke up a little punchy – but the words and stories wouldn’t let go…I call it Writing All Night rather than insomnia -it makes it feel deliciously like getting away with being up all night when I was a kid…

    But then, I don’t need to get up early. That’s a nasty little wrinkle…

    The idea of sleeping in a separate room might be a really good one for you.
    So might finding a way to get a regular day or two off every week, or maybe a nap in the afternoon, if you can..

    If I had a magic wand, I’d wish you healthy teeth and as much sleep if you want.


    • I can usually work with my sleep patterns pretty well… But, well, the Boodle wants his school, so we’re trying to make that work. It means early (for me).

      I do miss having my own bedroom at times. Mostly I miss my old canopy twin bed… Ever have that one thing that just makes sleep feel “right”? That bed was awesome. Not that I usually slept much better in it than I do now. :-/

      Thanks. And for you… I wish pain-free knees, no headaches (or tooth-aches)… and fresh coffee warm with your favorite Coffe-mate in hand at all times desired. 🙂