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Down… Down down

Doo bee doo bee down

Waa, waa waaa–ah!

Yeah…  Sorry about that (kinda).  Just feeling a bit punchy this evening…


Stepping right in after last week’s post: Pinnacle, let me give you 8 small paragraphs (6 for the month minus 14 for the year).  We’re still in Atyr’s head here as she deals with ‘Listii and his sudden reluctance with her.


Down she fell from that pinnacle alone. Once she recovered from the landing, rough as it had been, she opened her eyes and looked at him. He’d already moved away from her and was laying at her side, touching her with gentle hands only.

In her shock she hadn’t broken the contact she’d opened. She felt his regret and apology before his gaze met hers.

“Not yet, Atyr,” he whispered, his gruff voice harsher than normal after their activity.

She wasn’t sure why he’d said that, despite the contact between their minds. He’d learned to shield himself that well. She started to ask why.

He smiled playfully and sealed her lips with a fingertip covered with her own rich musk. “Not now, Atyr. It’s late. Sleep with me, please?” Then he kissed her again, far gentler than any caress earlier, his thoughts gently pushing away her contact with added emphasis.

~Not now, Mouse. We can talk about it later.~

She fell back to her own mind thinking of how beautiful his voice could have been given that touch.

And the song for the post…  is it foreshadowing?

Not really, I just like Neil Sedaka.  His songs remind me of being a little kid and riding in the (not really a) backseat* of our FIAT Spider

K.L. Schwengel, of My Random Muse,  fearlessly leads the #WIPpet where writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date for fun and discussion. Feel free to comment and visit other #WIPpeteers here. We love company.

Dad liked odd, fun cars

* When I say “not really a backseat”, I mean the place where the convertible top was stored.  Back in those days, seatbelts in the backseat were optional.  Heck, the backseat was optional too.  I used to love laying down in a blanket back there, kind of squeezed in, listening to the new AM/FM stereo my father had added to the car.


Been picking myself up after having fallen down recently.  Still in something of a funk, but the “barrel through”, “Fake it ’til you make it” attitude seems to be working somewhat (crosses fingers in case this post jinxes it).  I confess: I am seriously behind on all my goals.  I took most of last weekend off, just played around, watched television shows, played games…  read stories.  Oh and wrote three different drafts of my ROW80 sponsor post (that makes seven since the round started)….

I hate every one of them.  None of them feel natural or real enough to me…  Granted, Kait would probably be happy if I sent her anything at this point.  I guess I’ve got to force myself through one of them.  Do anything… even if it’s wrong.

Down, down, down into the breech I go.

A last song…  to dance, to move, to get us all moving.