Many Apologies

English: The Red Arrows visit Bournemouth: big...

English: The Red Arrows visit Bournemouth: big-hearted The Red Arrows create a big heart shape in the skies above Bournemouth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t been posting the way I’d hoped I would lately.  Several things have taken my head, and few were in a good way.  Hopefully I’ve gotten myself straightened out some.

Thank you all for being understanding.  I hope to return this Wednesday for my ROW80 Round-Up and a WIPpet.  It’ll depend on how my oral surgery goes.  Many hugs to you all.

2 responses to “Many Apologies

  1. You owe us no apologies. It isn’t a good time for you, and oral surgery to boot. You take care of yourself, and we’ll see you when we see you. Thoughts and prayers…


    • I may not “owe” anyone an apology, but… Well, it helps me somewhat. And I know from other people I know who’ve fought depression that it helps to defer some of the discomfort we feel by acknowledging how awkward it makes our interpersonal relationships…. I imagine everyone feels that way at one time or another.