Had Known

Hi, hi, hi y’all!  I’m back.

JuJuBee Mabee

JuJuBee Mabee

Last week was…  well, silly.  I spaced.  After so many weeks of being off track, I took my “week off” from the ROW80 and all things online and spaced, read books, played video games, took walks with the family, played with our new kitten JuJuBee…  and forgot to write a WIPpet post.

But I’m back now with more wordy-goodness some the Unnamed Story (though I call it Phuque Ewe).  Now in the dénouement of the sex scene in the story, we’re off to see what a mess ‘Listii and Atyr are going to become after their evening together.  Sex affects people…  sometimes the effects are good, sometimes bad.  And the effects last a while (at least, they can).

Or rather, the baggage we place on sex affects us…  and these two have a lot of baggage that they don’t even know they have:


So, continuing on from way back when I wrote Down… Down, Down, here are three small paragraphs (WIPpet maths are: July ([7] -2-0-1-4)+√9=3):

He felt her retreating mental presence with relief…relief tinged with an emptiness he’d thought–had hoped–he’d forgotten. For a few moments there the loss of Riia, the silence that was his brother’s illness…. They had been filled with the life and beauty that was her.

It was more than he’d been prepared to handle. Even knowing what he had about her, even knowing what his brother had spoken of so many times…. Val’d often talked about this. He’d known.

He hadn’t listened.

K.L. Schwengel, of My Random Muse, fearlessly leads the #WIPpet where writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date for fun and discussion. Feel free to comment and visit other #WIPpeteers here

. We love company.

Also, it’s time again for a…

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyIt’s a new Round of Words here in ROW80 land, so there’s not much to post.  For once I’m starting the round on target with sponsor post already made… oh. except that I didn’t post any goals yet.  Not that I have any yet…   I suppose I should take a moment to think of those.  And since it’s summer, and I know I’m going to be away from my computer a lot, how about something light and refreshing?

Round 3 ROW80 goals:

  • write my five sentences a day;
  • read something for pleasure;
  • get fresh air and exercise some daily;
  • spend quality time with friends and family;
  • type in/edit my JuNoWriMo notebooks

Pretty simple stuff.  I have other things going on too, of course.  We all do.  I have some serious fall preparations to make.  When fall comes, I’ll be teaching two classes at my son’s school and starting school to finish my degree as well.  Going for my Master’s in Educational Psychology is going to give me lots of opportunities to improve my writing, but that means I need to work on building a habit of writing daily again (I dropped off during my bout of depression).

Though I like to poke too

We also have a bunch of travel and Lookens Peepins to do this summer.  The hubby and I agreed…  it’s time for us to spend some more time on US (even if that means staying home and re-arraigning the furniture).  In fact, I have a hot date with the Leader of the Opposition Party soon, so it’s time to end this post.

19 responses to “Had Known

  1. Aaah…baggage. What would life be without it, hey? And poor ‘Listii sounds like he’s got more than his share. But this is starting to explain his distance.


    • Yeah… ‘Listii’s family used him for a pack mule a good portion of his life. He hasn’t quite realized he’s free to set some of it down….


  2. The kitten is very cute. And I like the name of the Unnamed Novel. You might want to keep it…

    Glad you’re back!


    • I love the name of the Unnamed Novel… but, I suspect that it probably should remain a personal favorite (or blog favorite).

      Thanks, John. It’s good to be back.


  3. I love the Snippet – except for the serving of pronoun soup…I got a little tangled up in the pronoun noodles. Maybe that’s just where we are in the story, but I figured that I’d mention it in case you want to give it a looksee.

    Such an adorable little kitty. =)

    So, when life is crazy and you want to pull your hair out – you take on classes for yourself and the boy. Way to shake things up – and we’d better get together at least once before you are waay too busy to even share all that cool stuff you’re learning…! =)

    I like your goals. We’re apparently somewhat nocturnal just now, or at least Miah is…and growing. So we want to get out and about, but also have this tendency toward hibernating.

    I’m challenging myself to at least be moving around the house, and to get out of the house a couple of times a week. And, so long as there aren’t going to be any storms, for a few days, I plan to do a few outside type things too..

    Good to see you returning to a more peaceful and content space. ❤


    • Pronoun soup…. I haven’t checked yet, but you’re probably right. This is closer to first draft stuff here, and I tend to just let the characters talk without tossing many names in the bucket.

      As for life being crazy… Well, the adding on of certain things (such as teaching classes that will be helping us pay for the school M. wants to go to) and finishing my degree so that I feel better about myself and all those years I didn’t “achieve”… I think they’ll add busy to my schedule but also add a sense of personal accomplishment and a sense that I’m “doing something” to contribute to our family life. … a feeling I’ve often lacked of late.

      If you’re doing the nocturnal thingie, we should meet for an hour or two at the 76 Diner some night…. Kids are welcome, though I don’t think M. will want to come. He’s become quite the day person.


      • I’m sure you’ll whip those pesky pronouns into shape on the next go-round. Just wanted to let you know I got a little tangled up in them. And you know I’m always looking for places to use soup metaphors! =)

        I understand the wanting to contribute and achieve. I’ve been thinking about a part-time job more and more as the kids get older. Maybe time to fulfill that barista dream at some point before too long…

        I actually owe Lise a diner night…now, if I can remember where the 76 Diner is…Latham? Rt.9? Ach, my sense of misdirection is at it again! I can see the building, interior and exterior, but not how to get there!


        • Soup metaphors… Eating soup with a spoon…

          Don’t get me started on the barista dream. I watched with both regret and relief as East Line Books was closed /sold off when I was at a place where I knew I couldn’t pull it off, because …. I would really love to run my own cafe/used bookstore too.

          (a point for the possibility… Starbuck’s is rumored to be EXCELLENT to its employees)

          Yep, the 76 is on 9. (confused yet?) Oh, yeah, and in Latham. 🙂


          • Ahh, dreams. You could write a story about owning a cafe/used book store…that would be less expensive…

            I may check out Starbucks. Not just yet; I want to work while Jim does, and Lise isn’t quite ready for that. But I feel like the time will come, and I’ll know when that time is, and what the place is, when I get there. I so like Starbucks…

            The 76 is on 9 makes perfect sense. I must be from, like, around here, or something! =D


            • Writing a story about a cafe/used bookstore definitely would be less expensive (and less stressful), but… it just wouldn’t be the same (though definitely would be wiser).

              Until you’re ready then. 😀

              Then let’s take tentative plans… the 76 on 9 somewhere around or so on the 29


            • I love the idea of getting together, but I’m in more of a Java’s or Desmond kind of mood…

              I’m also toying with the idea of a big physical movement day – t’ai chi and/or yoga, a workout, and a swim. Of course, there will need to be food to fuel this…

              You’re welcome to join me for all or part of it. =)


            • A big physical movement day sounds divine, though it won’t happen on your birthday for me. Marcus has piano lesson and we may have a meeting with the new school director. But then, I’m sure a good portion of your birthday will be spent with family too. We’ll just be hanging out some in the evening. A swim would be really nice though…



            • Right now, with my GI tract in revolt, it sounds a lot less divine than it did last week. The swim can be a go, followed by dinner – at the Desmond or Java’s; I like both.

              About Zoom Flume – I don’t think Monday will work because there’s a chance of thunderstorms, and Lise doesn’t do well in storms. Wednesday might work for us, but it’s a ‘we’ll have to see how things play out’ deal…


  4. “Sex affects people.” Yup. I read that if in a story, the people are totally unaffected, you’re doing it wrong. I think a case could be made that it’s not necessarily true in every instance, but when it comes to the main pairing, it’s absolutely true. That last line…”He hadn’t listened.” Sigh. All the feels.


    • I think in those case, the sex leaves them affected, but it’s not so much “that sex” but something they experienced before… Just my thoughts on the matter.

      Lots of feels. Or so I like to think.


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