Post Trip Monday

Yesterday was the day of the drive.  It was Grandpa’s 92th birthday, and so the Boodle and I picked up Mom (he’s her dad after all) and we hightailed it out to Syracuse to eat double chocolate cupcakes and ice cream and talk about harmonicas and family photos and old tractors.

Happy 92, Grandpa!

Happy 92, Grandpa!

So…  I didn’t get much writing done (Friday I was sick icky bleh!) since Wednesday.  Getting back into the flow of writing daily and not in spurts and bubbles isn’t happening quite as fast as I’d like, but it does seem to be happening.  Even when I didn’t write, I pulled out the notebook and gathered up a pen…  just one more step to go.

I did reread/review some of my other story-work everyday (except yesterday); I got up and moved every day except Friday, and I made time daily for some happy reading time.  Slow, steady progress and plans for consistency…

Consistency is the dog that hounds me.

But since we don’t have a dog…  here is Mr.Kitty my (mostly feral) lovebug begging for scritches.  If he didn’t panic and go into full “Fight or Flight” mode at the slightest sound or shift in movement, I’d have him in the house with us too.  He so wants love and stroking and head bonks…

Someone couldn't stay still for the photo...  he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it

Someone couldn’t stay still for the photo… he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it


14 responses to “Post Trip Monday

  1. Happy birthday to your grandpa! My grandma would have been 114 today. There was a time we thought she’d make it.

    A suggestion: if you ever decide to take Mr. Kitty in, have him neutered first. Cat spray is worse than skunk spray. Trust me, I learned that the hard way.


    • 114? Well, it could have happened. Sorry she didn’t make it, but I’m sure she made good use of the time she did spend here.

      Mr. Kitty is already fixed. Two years ago when he was completely feral we caught hm in a Have-A-Hart trap and got his little buttons removed because he was making too close friendships with another cat that someone dropped off by our house. Shan Jeniah’s kitty girl Squeak is one of the results of that friendship. 😀 (and don’t I know how …um, aromatic cat musk can be; that Nature’s Miracle spray really helps btw)


      • Nature’s Miracle is our favorite. A little more expensive, but it really does the job. It’s good that you had Mr. Kitty fixed, anyway. It calms him down and God knows we have enough homeless cats.


  2. Were the Squeaker-wreaker in the house instead of being a Pocket Panther out in the yard, I would show her her Daddy. Not to worry; she’ll be in to try to shove the computer off my lap sooner or later. =)

    Happy birthday to Grandpa. We saw your mom a couple of weeks back, at McDonald’s. funny how she just seems to pop up where we are every now and then.

    As for the progress – I love the bit about the notebook and pen and one more step. Sometimes it is that getting stuff pulled together that proves the biggest challenge for me. I’m playing around with ideas to address that in several areas of life.

    Sometimes, it’s lots of tiny things that add up to progress.


    • I doubt she remembers her father, but… if she does, that’d be cool. Meeting Mom though isn’t too odd… it’s not as if you live so very far away from her. 😀

      And yes! Exactly. Sometimes I have the hardest time just getting all the pieces in a place to make use of them.


      • She’s been outside most of the last week. The weather’s been too nice for her to come snuggle…she just comes in to eat and drink, and then is gone again.

        And Baby went missing.

        Seeing your mom somehow always com as a surprise. Sometimes months or even years go by, and then – there she is. =)


        • Squeakers must enjoying being queen of all she surveys. Sorry to hear about Baby… though, if you want another kitten, I know someone…. 😉

          Mom does that. Must be genetic. 😀


          • Well, now Corki has no Crazy Baby to distract him, so she’s gotta be stealthier these days…and there’s that fat calico from elsewhere who keeps coming into the yard as if it’s hers…

            So far, Squeak hasn’t had much to say about it- she’s been outside almost all the time.

            I don’t think we want to start with another kitten, now. Lise might not agree, but we aren’t having the best kitten luck, and she’s developing a happier connection with Squeak, who really does love lovin’!


            • Fat calico? Not Srindi? (I can hope… I feel so awful about what happened with her; I mean, it’s not like she showed any sign of wanting to run off until that day I visited and she remembered me…)

              I totally understand about the not wanting another kitten thing. I think Marcus is regretting his wish for Fluffelpuff now since all she does is hide (though he and JuJuBee have started to get a lot closer). Personalities…. kittens may be cute, but they’re fuzzy people who need to be treated like individuals.

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            • Calico, not tortoiseshell. Way too much white, and overall several shades lighter.

              I honestly don’t think that you had anything to do with Srindi’s disappearance. She had been going out some, via the dog door. My guess is that something faster than her, and hungrier than her, found her…

              Squeak hid for over two months. Today, it would be all but impossible to know that about her. She’s a very “doggy” cat, social and eager to please. Flufflepuff may warm up, in time.

              Lise thinks that, eventually, she’d like to adopt a cat. Since they have a harder time finding homes than the wee ones, that might be wonderful, all around.

              Until then, she and Squeak are building their own connection.


            • Adopting a grown cat would be a wonderful choice. After all, they don’t stay kittens long anyway…

              Fluffle is starting to be more social. I figured she would, but it’s hard for the Boodle to understand the process, especially since her sister socialized so very fast.

              If you’re interested, our vet does rescues and has two lovely kitties in right now. And of course there are the Petsmart and Whiskers rescues. I LOVE Whiskers. When Bibel got lost once, it was a Whiskers team that found and returned her.

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            • We’r not ready yet, but it’s good to know, if and when the time comes…

              My experiences with Whiskers were – uneven, I guess would be the best word. Some good, some not so much. I had a lot of dealings with them, while I worked for the vet.

              I’m glad Fluffle is feeling more at ease, New homes can be unsettling enough when you choose them – but to have them just happen with no warning –

              I miss Bibel.


            • I miss Bibel too.

              Makes sense to hear what you say about Whiskers. I only dealt with them for a solitary event, so only a few people… the more exposure, the more likely problems will show up.

              And I understand about not being ready.

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            • She’s working through her grief with art and photos and conversation, and building a stronger rapport with Squeaker-wreaker…she thinks maybe at Christmas…we think that might work out. Time will tell.