Moderately Unscathed

Things have been so busy here lately; it seems as if no time has passed since I checked in for the ROW80 on Monday morning.  (Actually, I’m still trying to figure out where the week went since last Wednesday.)

Nonetheless, it is Wednesday once more, and that means…  WIPpet Wednesdays and ROW80 check-ins.  And….  because I’m so much more calm and organized these days than I have been (please, disregard the maniacal laughter behind the curtain)…  I am getting this post done on Wednesday and in the morning (yes, I know if I was really organized I’d have had most of the post written and scheduled for today weeks ago).

So, without further ado, let’s head in for the

ROW80 check-in:

These few days have been kind of a bust.  It’s been SO muggy and rainy here.  Who knew I’d moved to the rainforest?  Add that to the fact that I’ve been running around trying to get caught up on all the things I had fallen behind on during the last few months, as well as building up the base for being able to handle the upcoming fall chaos…  I’m proud of myself despite not making super progress on my goals.

Smiley from the sMirC-series. smilingI’m still smiling, see?

I am finding I need more incoming as opposed to outgoing when Life gets busy and chaotic.  It doesn’t matter if I have ideas to write.  If I jot them down for later, that works out far better than trying to expound on them in the moment.  I can’t focus on creative endeavors when I’m trying to juggle too many real world things.  Something always gives…  and I can’t let the real world things slide at the moment.

So what this means is…  I made very little progress, and I’m anticipating making very little progress for the rest of the summer.  That’s okay.  Knowing my limits (and respecting them even moreso) has always been a challenge for me.  I’ve learned them, slowly.

So, no, I didn’t get my five sentences down since Monday.  I did get to the Y and have a workout yesterday.  I have done my pleasure reading.  I got some editing done (mostly so I’d have a WIPpet today).  It’s progress.

Let’s move on now from Kait Nolan’s grand creation (that’s the ROW80 if anyone was wondering) to the rest of this post (a blog hop graciously managed by K.L.Scwhengel):

the WIPpet

I had trouble deciding how long to make this piece.  In the end, I elected to stop mid-section and follow the date closer (WIPpet rules ask that ‘pets’ have something to do with the date after all).  So here are 23 sentences (7 for July + 16 for the day) of  (oh, heck, I might as well just call it) Phuque Ewe following directly after last week’s post Had Known:

Atyr curled against him, resting her head against his chest just under his chin, cradled in his arm. He reached over her to punch the stuffing in the pillow until it was back under his head then slid his hand down her back. Tentative touches from fingers both mental and not probed for a reaction. ‘Listii grabbed the physical fingers lightly and held them against her own hip.

The mental touches he ignored as best he could, hoping that she’d tire of his resistance and fall asleep before he was too tired to shield her out.

Yet he wished so much that he could let her back in.


When morning came and his alarm woke them, ‘Listii was able to retreat further behind barriers of clothing, distance and image. He considered himself lucky. He’d survived the night moderately unscathed.

Atyr was puzzled with him, he knew, but she’d given up trying to pry the information. She took her shower first while he checked for messages and dealt with the one from earlier.

She came out of the bath once more dressed, though this time she was wearing a shirt he’d loaned to her because somehow hers had gotten mangled in the bedding. She hadn’t bothered to put on pants and her behind, covered once more in the emerald panties, peeked out enticingly from beneath the shirt’s hem. She was combing out snarls from her hair.

“Do you want to borrow some pants, Atyr?” he asked as he looked up from his monitor at the shadow she cast over him rather than her reflected image in the screen.

“No, I’m fine. It’s just down the hall to Nisxel’s room.” Her hand touched his shoulder hesitantly. “‘Listii….”

He sighed softly and reached up to gather her fingers. “I know, Mouse. It wasn’t you. But she…” Tears he’d shed too many times before threatened to escape again.

That’s all for this week, peeps. Enjoy yourselves, wherever you are, whatever you are doing…. Life is meant to be LIVED!

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29 responses to “Moderately Unscathed

  1. It’s definitely important to know and respect your limits.

    Nice snippet!


  2. Nice excerpt! Like the interpersonal stuff going on below the surface here. 🙂

    Take whatever time you need, Eden. Boring times are much better for writing, so I’m hoping things will calm down for you eventually!


    • Thanks, Ruth. I try to squeeze in lots of pieces and parts all through my stories. Sometimes it works; sometimes it just confuses the issue.

      And yes, quiet times are so much better for writing. But even in the busiest moments, one can find some time to scribble a thought or two… that’s what I’m aiming for.


  3. Oh, ‘Listii. He’s breaking my heart. He seems so torn.

    I’m glad you’re able to give yourself space to back off from things when you need to. I often beat myself up if I feel like I’m not living up to my potential somehow. You’re right, though, and some things can’t be forced.


  4. I really like this. I like the exchange. And kudos to you for knowing your limits and getting out and enjoying your summer!


  5. Ooh, I like this! It’s so fitting, even if the shirt fits a bit too flatteringly for ‘Listii’s comfort. I also love the moment of him pinning her fingers so that she doesn’t get -too close.

    I wonder, though, if a touch more sensory detail might add impact here. For instance, what did her fingers feel like? Did she try to free them, Are they cold, or calloused? What does the room smell like, and how does that affect him?

    I remember that the summer of 2012 was a near-total wash for me. Too much life for writing goals. I feel the same thing about input when life gets chaotic or just intense. Come to think of it, I’ve been indulging in a fair amount of fanfic, PBS, and other stuff over the last few weeks…

    I was at the Y yesterday too. Bumped into a former classmate of ours, which was surprising. I was thinking I’d like to try something workout intensive on my birthday – t’ai chi, a workout, a bite, maybe yoga…if I can go that far…

    Would love to have you join me, if you want to and are free.


    • Sensory detail would probably be a good idea at this point. Not sure how to fit it in since ‘Listii’s actively trying to retreat into his own head, but yeah… a good idea.

      I think some years are just busts as far as writing goes. It’ll happen. I got some amazing notes written Friday on a “retreat”. Cool about the Y visit… I’m going to have to choose a shortish workout myself. Odd schedules….


      • Maybe he’s trying not to feel all those inevitable (and maybe even arousing) sensory details?

        I’d love to hear about your retreat.=)


        • There definitely is that. ‘Listii’s trying to not think of much and is responding mostly to the “in his face” attention grabbing details, but yes, there should still be some texture or smell involved.

          It’s at Marcus’s dojo. Classes are held at a spiritual retreat center and I used one of the evening classes to just relax and listen to a classical guitarist in the distance practicing, watch the llamas and guinea hens meandering, and the collies play. It was very pleasant

          Liked by 1 person

          • It sounds delicious!

            I’m thinking there could be a lot more power if many details were in ‘Listii’s face, and he had to try to fight a lot harder to pretend they weren’t and not get pulled into emotions he’s clearly not wanting to feel…


  6. She what!?! A little history in there somewhere, I’m thinking.


  7. Ah…so sad. 😦 ‘Listii is breaking my heart. And when he calls her ‘Mouse’…*sigh*

    I did trip over this line several times, “Tentative touches from fingers both mental and not probed for a reaction.” Maybe it needs some punctuation or…the first read I thought it was missing a word.


  8. Oh, your description is so lovely! It’s such a solid voice! 🙂 I have no critique for this…lol…fantastic job! 🙂


    • Thank you, Mariella. Though, I’m sure there are things worthy of critique here, sometimes a new piece of writing does catch us at unawares, doesn’t it?


  9. I love the poignant ending of your WIPpet. This suggests the story would really pull me in well before this scene. And those 5 sentences? Maybe no progress this week, but there’s always next week! Summer busy? Fall plans to be chaotic? Take a breath. Enjoy your storywriting! Cherish the calmness you find in each day, and may your writing go well.


    • Thanks, Beth. I’m trying to take each day as it comes lately. It’s helping. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. If you ever feel inspired, all of it I’ve written to this point has been posted here on the blog as the Unnamed Story.


  10. Not having read much of this lately, Eden, this is really intriguing to me. I’m wondering especially why ‘Listii is so upset at the end and why exactly Atyr is trying to probe him. Good stuff! 🙂


    • ‘Listii’s upset because… well, he’s male. 😉 (Not really, but it seemed silly to say. He’s upset because he can’t let go of the past right now.) Glad you liked it.


  11. Nice!! And life gets in the way sometimes. That’s why ROW80 is so flexible – sounds like you’re prioritising the right things so just keep at it!