Daily Archives: July 20, 2014

On Vacation?

Writing to you (very briefly) from the Boston direction, typing away at my laptop on my -in-law’s dining room table.  My SiL is …well, amazing (and she has a definite flair for interior design that I would so love to emulate).  And my BiL is such a sweet guy.  Though he does love the Boston Red Sox….*

The Boodle is having fun with his cousins too.  Vacation weekend…  I wish we could visit a bit longer, but Monday morning the grind starts again.  Today, though, will be sightseeing and the Children’s museum.

Sliced strawberries

Sliced strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So ROW80ish, that means I’m not doing a lot of stuff.  No editing, just 5 sentences (I missed yesterday for long drive and migraine), some exercise daily but not nearly enough to counter all the yum food (who said sliced strawberries, fresh blueberries and whipped cream don’t qualify for a nutritious breakfast?)

So onto my visits…  I’ll be checking in with people later this week.   And I make no promises that I’ll have a Wednesday check-in on Wednesday (we’ll be home, but busy, busy).  So…  see you all Thursday! 

*Disclaimer: I actually have no opinions about the Red Sox or the Yankees or any baseball team.  But by longstanding joke in the family, I had to mention this.