On Vacation?

Writing to you (very briefly) from the Boston direction, typing away at my laptop on my -in-law’s dining room table.  My SiL is …well, amazing (and she has a definite flair for interior design that I would so love to emulate).  And my BiL is such a sweet guy.  Though he does love the Boston Red Sox….*

The Boodle is having fun with his cousins too.  Vacation weekend…  I wish we could visit a bit longer, but Monday morning the grind starts again.  Today, though, will be sightseeing and the Children’s museum.

Sliced strawberries

Sliced strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So ROW80ish, that means I’m not doing a lot of stuff.  No editing, just 5 sentences (I missed yesterday for long drive and migraine), some exercise daily but not nearly enough to counter all the yum food (who said sliced strawberries, fresh blueberries and whipped cream don’t qualify for a nutritious breakfast?)

So onto my visits…  I’ll be checking in with people later this week.   And I make no promises that I’ll have a Wednesday check-in on Wednesday (we’ll be home, but busy, busy).  So…  see you all Thursday! 

*Disclaimer: I actually have no opinions about the Red Sox or the Yankees or any baseball team.  But by longstanding joke in the family, I had to mention this.

14 responses to “On Vacation?

  1. Isn’t it nuts how we writers still work even when we’re on vacations? I’ve taken vacations with the sole purpose of getting more writing in. I hope your day before returning to the grind is fantastic; it sounds like you’ve had a really great trip, And strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream is a more than acceptable breakfast.


    • I’m hoping vacation will start this weekend for realz this time. Things have been pretty non-stop. Glad you enjoy my idea of a healthy breakfast. My grandmother used to serve us elderberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream for breakfast. Yum!


  2. Sounds like you’re having a great vacation! I’m jealous of your berries…


  3. I am sure that you will be back on track when you get home. Just enjoy the time away – and the good food!


  4. I know what those baseball rivalries are all about. In Chicago, which side of Madison Avenue generally determines who you root for. North of it, you’re a Cubs fan; south, you’re a White Sox fan. When Mary, who’s from the South Side, told her father that I was from the North Side, she had to quickly add “But he’s a White Sox fan.” That was the only way he’d let me marry her.

    It sounds like you had a good visit with family. This is the time of year for that.


    • Now that’s a story, John… It is funny though how team allegiances can be so very strong in sports. I understand it to some degree, though a lot less so these days when so few of the players (or even managers) are from the area their fans are from.


  5. Bahahaha! That comment about baseball…too funny. We are a die-hard Yankees household. Even funnier about that is that hubs grew up in Boston. But his dad’s from north central PA, so that’s Yanks territory. Consequently, they would go to games at Fenway in Yankees gear. I’m surprised he reached adulthood. Next weekend, we’re off to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame inductions. I’m like Pavlov’s dogs when someone mentions baseball. LOL!


    • I’m surprised he reached adulthood too given the rivalry I’ve seen. Wow! Brave man your hubs.

      Cooperstown? You’re almost to our house. (Though next week we’ll be closer to your neck of the woods… We’re heading out towards Corning and then Watkins Glen.)


  6. She definitely does have a flair for decorating, and hooray for cousin time!

    We wren’t so many mils away this weekend, since the kids and I were in Plymouth.

    I also didn’t do much ROWishly, but then, I’d figured as much from long experience. I did reread several of the IDIC stories, write my Saturday post, and prep the Sunday ones I didn’t get posted, and write a few bulleted pages’ worth of notes for my WIP’s current and upcoming scenes, so that I can ponder them until it’s time to write again (later this week, after some physical and virtual home and lifetending has been seen to).

    My guess is that the surge in activity will eventually result in good and productive writing for us both. =)

    Hope to see you next Tuesday, but, till then, ENJOY!


    • We knew you were in Plymouth (I toyed with the idea of seeing if you guys wanted to meet us for some fountain-hopping in Boston on Monday). The pics some people posted looked grand. Hope you all had a lot of fun/

      Yep, activity often leads to delayed, but grand rewards. 😀


      • We left late Sunday evening. Miah was getting homesick, and many of thier playmates had already gone. It was easier to break camp without that 11am Monday time limit, too.

        I’ve got the first batch of pictures up on my Coffee and Conversation post,and will hopefully have another round up on Monday.