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Soap and Water

Clouds after a storm over the neighbor's house

Clouds after a storm over the neighbor’s house

It may be Thursday and not Wednesday, but I still intend to go forward with a WIPpet today.  I’d considered doing it yesterday; didn’t.   Busy, busy day for me (wasn’t this vacation week?).  Today, despite my writing this from the garage (the passenger side airbag in our car keeps disabling itself, even when there is a passenger), is much more relaxed.

I’ve got some questions for you all before I start with this snippet: are you enjoying reading this story “in order”, or are you finding these quieter sections dragging for you?  Would you prefer to change back to a different story?  Shorter/longer snippets?  More explanation/background before each piece?  Any comments or suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.

And now, to the WIPpet itself…


Because today is the 24th, I’m giving you six small paragraphs.  However, because this post should have been written yesterday, the first paragraph is a repeat of last week’s post.  It’s the morning after Atyr’s and ‘Listii’s interlude, and they’re both dealing with “issues”.

Oh, before I go too far, let me respond to some comments/ideas that went around during last week’s posts…

  • “mental fingers”  — Atyr is telepathic and was trying to mentally entice a response from ‘Listii; something was wrong and she wanted to know what.  (If this helps, then it’s just an “out of context” confusion; if not, then I need to do some rewriting.)
  • SO very, very glad to read that people are interested in reading about older characters (this pair are grandparents; ‘Listii’s a widower (and a womanizer); Atyr’s in her second marriage (separated from her husband).  I like character’s with “history”.
  • “Perfect people” — It’s a bit harder to show that these people aren’t perfect; they aren’t human and without having an external character to note the quirks of their aging process, I haven’t figured out a good way to show what is different (my fault!).  And with these two…  well, there are other forces at play that make it hard for them to notice flaws in the each other.

So now that I’ve probably confused the issue even more…  here’s six paragraphs:

He sighed softly and reached up to gather her fingers. “I know, Mouse. It wasn’t you. But she…” Tears he’d shed too many times before threatened to escape again.

“Riia.” It was a statement of fact.

He answered it as if it were a question, nodding. “Riia. I still miss her, Atyr.”
His present lover moved around to sit on the edge of his desk. “Of course you miss her. You loved–still love her, don’t you?” She didn’t wait for an answer but reached over to embrace him. “I’m sorry, ‘Listii. I have a ‘tianii. I should have realized what the contact would trigger. If I stay here tonight I’ll keep my shields up too.”

He murmured a thanks, kissed her and watched as she left before he rose to take his shower. His own grip on his memories and thoughts he held tight until well into the washing.

As if any soap and water could wash away what you almost did, he scolded himself.

Three cheers for our fearless leader and tamer of the flying monkeys, Kathi Schwengel of My Random Muse.  If you’d like to join the WIPpeteers, choose a snippet of your Work In Progress that somehow relates (even loosely) to the date and post it on your blog.  Then add your link to our WIPpet linky and visit your fellow writers to share in the fun.

ROW80 Check-In

Some progress despite being distracted by vacationing (well, sort of vacationing…  not much rest and relaxation, just a lot of driving and running around with the in-law’s kids).  I made great progress on my exercise goals, of course.  Not so much on the writing.  I took a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet.  Reading?  Yes (it’s easy to read on subway trains and when stuck in traffic on I-93).  Editing?  No (I’m going to try porting CTSS to a .mobi file and see if I can do some editing via my Kindle app while I’m out and about, but I haven’t done this yet).

We’re still officially on vacation but home for a few days (doctor’s visits and karate promotions… Yay, Boodle!).  Time to catch up on a few things and to get another kitten (our JuJuBee was totally traumatized by being left in the care of a cat-sitter for a few days; hopefully, since we were planning on giving her a companion anyway, things will be better when she’s less “by herself”).

off Point Judith, Rhode Island

off Point Judith, Rhode Island

Oh, and time to wash out the Atlantic Ocean from our shoes…  😀