This is NOT Sunday

Secret Carverns waterfall

Secret Caverns, Cobleskill, NY; some of my Weekend Fun

Something 4 Sunday posts have been a bust this year.  I’m almost always out doing things Sundays (and Saturdays), or I’m at home recovering from being out and doing things.  Yeah, I know, I could more effort with my blogging, and I should.

It’s doubts and distractions.  Am I just talking to the wind here?  Do I really have anything worth saying (this is big with me…  I really would like to offer content that people enjoy)?  Shouldn’t I be writing stories or spending more “quality time” with family?

Coverd Bridge Schoharie

Coverd Bridge, Schoharie

Basically I do this two days a week schedule because of the ROW80.  I need to keep an eye on my progress toward my goals daily, and these twice weekly  check-ins help keep me on track (somewhat).  But I know that my life, while busy, is pretty much Dullsville compared to many, and that my busy is not as fascinating or imposing to other people as it to me.  They have their own busy to deal with.

So…  thank you to those of you who come here despite your own busy to visit today.  I hope you enjoy my little internet offering and check-in.

ROW80 and More

Old Stone Fort

The Old Stone Fort, Schoharie, NY; we didn’t get to tour because the site was closing as we arrived, but we walked around outside and I grabbed this picture and the bridge one above

Actually, since the ROW80 is the challenge that knows you have a life, all things could technically be filed under the check-in label, but…  well, you know.  Better safe than sorry.  😉

Thing is, I’m not getting a ton of writing in at the moment.  My head seems to be wanting food…  or at least lots of cool things to think about and relaxation time to process them all.  I’ve been:

  • scribbling lots of notes (does that count as writing?)
  • taking bunches of pictures (my Flickr photostream is woefully out of date, but then I have a lot of stuff to edit, and a lot that just looks crappy but reminds me enough of things to use for stories)
  • reading lots of articles and some of my favorite comfort reads
  • getting moving (daily exercise and exercise adventures…like the stairs [also called the prehistoric escalator] at Secret Caverns yesterday)
  • not editing…  nope, none, nada, haven’t even tried
Not your local confectioner's delight

Not your local confectioner’s delight

We also have made homemade chocolate here at Chez Mabee… totally wrong texture, more like fudge than anything, but still quite delicious.  If you’re interesting in trying the kit yourself, it was reasonably priced around Christmas-time (about four dollars more now, oddly).  We cut the sugar in the recipe a bit and added milk (which was probably what ruined the texture) before the cooling.

The picture is after we had all eaten a few pieces…. Despite the criticisms in the Amazon reviews, I think it made a nice amount of chocolate for the price.  And if I’d used a double boiler instead of guessing temperatures with the microwave?  Who knows?  Maybe it’d have been even better.

So, as I said, not a lot going on here.  How about you all?  Did you have a good weekend?

12 responses to “This is NOT Sunday

  1. I can’t tell you what to do – but I love the pictures and the tidbits of your life. I often find other people’s busy intriguing; it’s different than mine. It’s also a window into other lives…useful for writing and for understanding people.

    Maybe, though, you could ease the pressure by making a post on a day other than Sunday?


    • Windows into other people’s lives…. I get you there. I like reading other posts for similar reasons.

      I think I’m going to have to. It’s just not the “thing” right now.

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      • I think you’ll find a pace, then life will shift, then you’ll find another, then – you get the picture!

        I try to think of my blogging as organic, not set in stone -if it’s going to be any kind of a reflection on my life of the moment, it’s got to be able to shift with my life.

        I also find that my focus shifts with the seasons or the other things going on in my life.


        • Shifting with the seasons… my whole process definitely does that. I just need to b better at “stating” it. I mean, what’s the sense in having a schedule if I won’t keep it? :-/

          But yes, finding a pace is just a momentary thing. It feels comforting but… life doesn’t work just one way. (or rather, it does… just not the way it seems)

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          • One of the reasons I like flow more than schedules is that life has a habit of shifting as it goes along…

            I’m getting the hang of intuitive pacing, and of not taking for granted that today will flow the way yesterday did. and neither might be like tomorrow…


  2. homemade chocolate? Yum

    My weekdays tend to be pretty dull, and I too am afraid I don’t have anything to say people will really care about. Which is why I tend to skip the days I plan to post that aren’t ROW80 check-ins.

    We had a good weekend camping, but I know I was ready to get back home by Sunday. Even with having the cabin, the quarters were a little too close for me


    • It was pretty yummy.

      Strange how we all seem to think our lives are so blasé, but other people (often people we call interesting and cool) find our day to day pretty cool. Perspective, I guess.

      Glad you had fun. Though I know what you mean about knowing when it’s time to go home.


  3. Don’t feel badly about Something 4 Sunday. I had the Thursday Ten that I sorta “forgot” to do for over a year…

    That was a killer sponsor post, by the way. I referred to it in my latest.


  4. This weekend was fantastic. We went on a mini road trip to Shoshone Falls and it was so gorgeous ❤ I need a blogging schedule but never get around to it…