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Kitten litter, what we’re trying to avoid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What?  Did WIPpet Wednesday already pass?  Oh…  oh well.

No problem, Since I posted my ROW80 check-in on Tuesday, this delay was somewhat intentional.  Granted, a lot of that delay was due to the mega power-outage we experienced on Monday evening.  Reading books by dynamo flashlights is…fun (it kind of reminded me of camping).

Now there only thing tweaking my schedule is a soon-must-be-made trip to the vet so our kitten girl can get spayed.  She’s NOT happy about it.  I suspect someone will not be sitting on my lap for a few days.

So, as I need to hurry out the door, here’s a quickie WIPpet and ROW80 check-in…


Simple math from a random section of the Swan Song series; three sentences for the two and one in 21.  Alanii is our MC here.

Alanii stood there, the commander of his fivesquad at his side, a grey-haired man with one eye and a courtly manner that left the Laninii smiling like a lassie… once the greetings had been made. Alanii had wondered at the wisdom of the Guard Katsdan for assigning him this Maerick for his attache. The man had proven the crudest, roughest man he’d ever met, prone to cursing everything and everyone under the sky as if even the sun’s shining was intended as a personal insult.

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ROW80 Check-in

It’s been barely two days since my last post, so there is little to nothing new to report.  I’ve added a bit more walking in the last two days, but I missed my free-weights yesterday.  I was really tired when I got home and only wanted to space out (which I did with some Minecraft…  found a gorgeous area in a newly created world: flower forest with extreme hills and lots of horses next door).  I even went to bed early.

Though anyone who knows me can honestly say, hair is not something I have a lot of...  :-(

Though anyone who knows me can honestly say, hair is not something I have a lot of… 😦

I’m almost caught up with my sponsor duties.  As always, visiting other ROWers is fun, Fun, FUN!  After visiting Deniz Belvins at the Girdle of Melian, I learned I am a “Werewolf” because Deniz linked to Tara Tyler’s Beastly Survey, part of Tara’s promotion for the first book of her Beast World Series, Broken Branch Falls.  I found some links to delightful short fiction, via the Little Rambling Angel.  I even found LS Engler’s call for submissions to her 2014 World Unknown Review.  Looks like a great opportunity for short fiction writers!

The writing’s been a bit better.  I’m slowly getting a deeper sense of what’s needed to tie the different books of the Swan Song series together despite there being books that focus characters (and even nations) that seem to have little to no connection to each other at the beginning of the series.

I still haven’t hit the typing.  I’m wondering if my resistance (so to speak) is due to having pushed myself for so many WriMo challenges lately…  or is it because that pile of notebooks just looks too daunting with so many other paperwork things hovering over me.  Not sure…  but tonight I’m going to start small with one page.  If I can do a page a day even….

Well, that’s it for me.  See you Sunday (or Monday or…).

22 responses to “Smiling

  1. Very nice. The one thing that kinda throws me off it the use of the ii at the end of the names. If that’s intentional and a cultural thing for your world, then it makes total sense, but it took me a minute to get used to it.


    • It is a cultural thing on my world, but yes, I can see how it would throw someone off. Thing is, every time I try to change it, my characters yell at me. 😉


  2. I love that last line! I know someone like that. Not that this person is prone to using crude language, but that they can’t seem to go anyplace or talk to anyone without finding something to complain about. It’s very sad.


    • It’s actually not all that sad. Merrick is a pretty happy fellow in general. He just… well, I’d say it’s like Touret’s but he can control it when needed. And he likes keeping people guessing…


  3. I really loved that last line. 🙂


  4. Better late than never! 😀


  5. I love this line: “as if even the sun’s shining was intended as a personal insult.” I’ve had days like that. LOL! Nice snippet. 🙂


  6. Nice excerpt! I liked the bleak character portrayal in that last line. 🙂

    I’ve been missing Sunday check-ins a lot lately. Weekends are never good for me because that’s usually when family stuff happens, and lately it’s been even more than usual.

    And daunting in never good … maybe redistribute the pile of notebooks to various locations? *g*


    • That’s my problem with Sunday check-ins as well. Not that I’d change the family time (really it’s “when my husband is free to spend time with us time) to suit my blogging schedule ever. I’m just too aware of the conflict.

      And no, daunting is never good.


  7. That last sentence – LOL! I think we all know someone like that. But Alanii getting one as his guardsman – I find that very amusing! Not exactly nurturing that courtly attitude…

    And hooray for spaying.)


    • Alanii’s finding a lot about his father’s personal guard is not what he saw in his public viewing. But Merrick’s got a few surprises for our young prince yet. 😀

      No cheers needed. You know I try to be a responsible pet owner.

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  8. The sharp contrast between characters suggests conflicts ahead in your WIPpet this week. As to Minecraft, I’ve never played but maybe . . . These days have a way of flying by far too quickly. How do we get ‘the list’ done?


    • I don’t think we ever get the list done… we just add and subtract from it as necessary.

      Minecraft is fun. It’s like having endless LEGOs, just on a computer.


  9. Hi Eden! It sounds to me like you’re doing all the right things in terms of your health – getting in the walks, taking time out when you’re tired and going to bed early – and I know that will help when you’re ready to sit down and write again. The thing about creativity is that we need a physical body to be creative, so taking care of it is really an important first priority. And you are working on your series, seeing what ties the different books together, so that counts as work. 🙂

    Hope all went well at the vets. (Dare I ask?)

    I’ve done the beastlie quiz, can’t wait to see what I am!


    • Thanks, Lisa. It really is about finding a balance between being and doing.

      The vet went well. Not that JuJuBee has followed any of the restrictions we’ve tried to place on her activity post surgery. She’s a little wildchild.

      Let us know what you discover.


  10. Great excerpt Eden. I’ve met people like that – every other word is a swear word! You give us a good sense of this person and the way Alanii feels about him well in just a few short sentences. Good stuff! 🙂


  11. Finally made the rounds! *whew!* I love that last line. This is a great description of this character and also a look into his personality as well.