Daily Archives: April 6, 2015

The Horizon

And a last view of Snowdonia as I headed back

And a last view of Snowdonia as I headed back

When people talk about a goal, it usually relates to some yet unreached place that they want to get to….  a goal to lose some amount of weight or to get fit or to learn a new language, etc.

Not me, not this time.

This round of the ROW80, I’m aiming toward someplace I’ve been before, on several occasions.  It’s a place that feels comfortable and welcoming whenever I go there (sometimes it feels too welcoming and comfortable, and I obliged to withdraw from it through misplaced feelings of guilt).

I am heading back to the world of my stories and of making a daily commitment to immerse myself into them for a half hour a day.

I’m heading back to the world of writing and the daily commitment to write…  every day.

ROW80LogocopyThe writing and the stories don’t have to be the same thing–though it is nicer when they get together and have a party in my subconscious.  Nice or not,  I’m not making this a requirement for this Round of Words.

I do have one goal that I guess I can say I have for the ROWnd, though technically it started in January.  Push-ups…  For my karate class, I set myself a goal of being able to do 10 good push-ups where five were done on my knuckles.  Originally I’d hoped to reach this goal by my next belt promotion (that will be in one month).  I’m not there.  Not even close to there.  I am getting better at planking though.

Anyway, this is where I am heading.  How about all of you?  Why don’t you tell us at this linky here?