Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

At the Watering Hole

I don’t mean this:

Jan Steen, Peasantss before an Inn

Or even this:

And fortunately, not this: Watering Hole

The pool at the YMCA has been my “watering hole”.  I never knew I could spend that long swimming (okay, only a bit of swimming; mostly I’ve been taking aqua aerobics)…  almost 2 Hours today, and then I added another hour in the Fitness Center trying to work on those push-ups.  I’ve still got a long way on those.

Anyway, that’s why this post is so late in coming today.  I’d hoped to have it ready sooner, but the only wi-fi I was near today was in Target.  Not the best place to look for pictures on the Wikimedia Commons…  (technically I did have wi-fi at the Y–have you ever tried typing while doing planks or lifting weights?  I used the “Y”-fi for listening to back episodes of the Writing Excuses podcast.)

Despite all this increased emphasis on exercise (in addition to at least two trips to the Y a week, I have taken two to three karate classes and one Japanese weapons class each week since November), or perhaps because of it…  I’ve also been inspired to write and return to blogging, to clean house (cold ice storms be damned–I need to Spring Clean!)

I’m tired…  but in a good way.

Next week I am looking forward to rejoining the WIPpeteers for their own brand of awesome-sauce.  Today, I’m just going to update you all on my writing progress :

  • 3071 words since Monday ahead of target
  • an hour of storyworld time on target

and send you off to the ROW80 linky.  You know what to do there.  😀