A Day Late, But….

I didn’t know these were still in production!

The saying normally goes “A day late and a dollar short”. It’s a common enough saying that a Google search for the phrase pulled up a movie title, a book, a song… basically, a lot of stuff.

The thing is…  most of the stuff suggests a negative in the same way that “dollar short” does.  However…  I don’t feel very negative today.  Yes, this blog post is a day late (and I may well be a dollar short…  I did spend more money last night on dinner during our local WriMo gathering than I’d intended), and I’m not only just fine with that…  I feel good.

I dealt with something today that has weighed on me for a while.  Over the weekend, I realized there was no way to make everyone happy as things stood, and I did what I had to do…  what I should have done months ago.  And…  I think (hope) I figured out a way to do it without being hurtful or inconsiderate of all the efforts and kindnesses of others.   The people I had to deal with in that particular situation are, and always have been, amazing people, generous and kind,  and they work and try so hard to help others.  It hurt to think I might have let them down, but in the end…  I did what I needed to do.

So, I feel better because I dealt with a very stressful situation.  I don’t feel better because there was a situation that had to be dealt with… if that makes sense.

Anyway, enough about me–let me tell you about… me. Rather, let me give you my ROW80 update:

ROW80LogocopyCharacters….  stories…  words…  ON paper!  It’s been just awesome.  Since Wednesday I’ve found time to write something every day; I’ve found time to read and consider story points beyond the writing (it wasn’t always story related writing), and last night…  wow!  What a Write-in!  I sat and sprinted with both pen and paper and my laptop writing alternately into both as the story ideas came forth in a form I could express.  End tally for the night?  Five written pages (back and front) and another 328 words in Scrivener.

I’ve written an average of at least 750 words every day except Saturday (my personal Sabbath).  It wasn’t all posted to either 750words.com or to the CampNaNoWriMo pages, so my counts on those sites are skewed.  It’s well enough.  The bookkeeping can wait.

Oh, and exercise!  I forgot, I did have some of that in my ROW80 goals list, didn’t I?  some Frisbee and playground time, some time swimming, my weapons class and karate on Saturday, yard work…  no push ups yet, but the strength building I’ve done seems to be helping.  I’m trying the baby steps this time.  I want to actually get there and be able to stay at that point for a long time.

That’s it until Wednesday.  What awesome news do you have to report?  Or even not so awesome news?  Let’s cheer your accomplishments together; let’s half the upsets as well.  We’re in this (writing) life together, and we have each other’s backs.

9 responses to “A Day Late, But….

  1. I give you all the love. I’m glad you found a way to deal with the situation with kindness, and in a way that makes it less stressful.

    I had a similar situation when I realized I needed to leave Comfy Corner. It built over a long time – but I loved the job and the people I worked with – and I believed in it, and I didn’t…

    So I get it, at least in a general sense (and the kids and I are at least tentatively on board to meet you on Thursday, so I’ll ping you via more private means to discuss details…

    And snugs – for the progress in life and writing and overall exhalation. And, of course, just cause you’re you!

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    • Tentative is fine. We’re going to be there (though we’ll be leaving pretty much exactly at 3:30 so Marcus can make fencing)

      And thank you for that great phrasing “and I believed in it, and I didn’t…” You read my mind. 🙂

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      • It was exactly the way I felt back then…and it took me many months to understand what I was feeling, and even longer to be ready to make the necessary change.

        Once I made it, though, there was very little regret. I had been stretching myself way too thin for way too long, and there was immense joy and relief in the self-liberation.

        Lise is in the process of flipping from a more nocturnal to a more typical sleep pattern, so she wouldn’t want to be out too late, anyway. We’ll look over the hours, again, and maybe try to be there by 2 or so – better to keep it shorter the first visit, while they decide whether it’s for them or not.

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  2. yay for getting words down. That’s great. And for resolving a stressful situation. That’s tough.

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  3. Bah! Grand scheme, a late post is minor. Good that you worked through something that’s made your state of mind lighter. More room for the words! 😉 Have a good week!

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  4. 750 a day? YAY! And dealing with a stressful situation? Double YAY! You go, girl!

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