Daily Archives: April 30, 2015

A ROW80 Check-in? Yes!

ROW80LogocopyChange time to my blogging schedule….  yet again.  To answer Kait Nolan’s question on the ROW80 blog for this check-in, no, I’m not reluctant to break the chain now that productivity has become something of a pattern.

Well, break is the wrong word.  No breaking please…  let’s keep this train on course.  But changes need to be made; things can, and should, be improved to help maintain the progress I’ve made.  Changes like this one….

Monday I explained the changes that were coming.  Maybe stating them was a trigger, but not long after, I was digging into the widgets in my WordPress tools and adjusting the sidebar to reflect the change.  And yesterday after my WIPpet, I made it official.  No more of these massive “all-in-one” posts where I try to cover Life, Liberty, the ROW80 and everything else that happened to occur between check-ins….

So if you came here for a Wursday post…  sorry to disappoint.  But the WIPpeteers are doing their thing and would love it if you stopped by for a visit and some bloglove.  And if you’re here for the ROW80, then you’re in the right place.

Chug-chug-chugging along….  That’s my check-in.  After Monday’s distractions, I…  well, I really don’t know what I did…  I just did it.

  • I wrote, because it was time to write.  I wrote over 850 words a day.
  • I did daily character development and reading and research and planning, because it was time to get some details straightened out.
  • I exercised because it was time to do it…  because I’d set that goal, and it was time to get the body moving.  Yesterday was another of those crappy headache days…  and I went to karate and did my very best for an hour of kicks, punches, jumping-jacks, band-tag…  and by the time I was done I got the camera and took a walk and got (I hope–I forgot the tripod in the car) were some wonderful sunset pictures.

This all means I have more changes to make.

I have ignored my photography.  I enjoy it, but I ignore it.  Something always seems ‘more important’…

No more.  I am bringing back the First Friday Photo blog.  And I’d love to have people join me–any takers?  Just one picture every Friday, something that caught your eye and inspired you to click/push that button.  I’ll be using my “official” blog A Garden of Delights, and will post a linky there the first Friday of every month for people to join in.  Let’s capture our imaginations together. 😀

And for all of us…  let’s keep chugging along.IMG_3520_1