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I Think… I KNOW I Can

Monday when I posted my check-in, I worried a bit.  I mean, yes, I felt really good and all after getting some long-standing stress off my chest, but I couldn’t help feeling some foreboding as well.

I’m not the kind of person to set personal limits and stick to them. I feel obliged to help on a moment’s notice (yesterday I stopped in at my son’s school just to print up a form for a field trip–one I was organizing no less–, and I started washing dishes and wiping down tables).  It’s probably my worst flaw as well as my best trait.  I want–no, I innately need to help others.

Add to that, an obsession for wanting to fill every second of every day with something new, fun and exciting (though my idea of new, fun and exciting can be as simple as a cool podcast or taking a different route home in the car) and you have a recipe for burnout and disaster in the making.

A self portrait?

A self portrait? (cred — Eden Mabee)

I do it to myself all the time. I know I do it because I’ve learned to recognize when I’ve done it better, and I’m even starting to understand why I do it, but I haven’t figured out exactly how to stop doing it. I’ve just come to accept part of who I am is this wave-like creature who gushes in with a tide of enthusiasm and energy and then must draw back, sometimes leaving a cluttered beach of shells and polished shards, sometimes leaving a smooth clear surface for others to imprint themselves upon. (One can even predict the severity according to the moon… 😉 )

Anyway, this is supposed to be a ROW80 check-in and WIPpet Wednesday post, not a… whatever that was.


ROW80LogocopyIt’s only been a few days, so I don’t have too much to report as far as the ROW80 goes.  I’ve written, had another awesome writing group gathering with our local NaNoWriMos, and I got in my planned for time with my characters (though barely).  I did some pre-push up prep and walking, but in all it was a lazy couple of days physically.  As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to take the camera and the truck and see if I can find a few last run-off water falls to scout for photographs.  It’s a gorgeous sunny day, and I might find something nice along the local trails.

I don’t have much else to report.  So why don’t you go to our linky and visit some other ROWers too?  We all love company (and comments).


Yes!  I did it.  I said I would be back for WIPpet Wednesday, and… here I am.  Now…  if I could only remember how…

Nah, that’s just silly.  I know how to WIPpet, but I probably should still explain how it’s done for anyone new to the idea.  The WIPpet is a blog hop where writers post a small sample of a Work In Progress that relates in some way to the date.  Like today…  It’s tax day in the US, April 15th, so I chose a scene related to taxes from my ever-growing Swan Song series.  Usually I just pick a number of words that matches the date through some arbitrary mathematical formula.

The Hastor pursed his lips. “It’s a common site. Most every one knows about it”

Alanii started to say “And this is bad how?” but only got as far as opening his mouth. He knew what the man was saying. A common site, the Andar’s only heir with little more than 25 men armed for a peaceful mission, even if they did all happen to be knights of the Royal Guard…. The letters for the Lanii lord likely were valuable enough on their own. Travelers had been attacked and slain for far less by brigands

That’s it. If you want to read more WIPpets, check out our linky. There’s all sorts of reading fun to be had there.

A Day Late, But….

I didn’t know these were still in production!

The saying normally goes “A day late and a dollar short”. It’s a common enough saying that a Google search for the phrase pulled up a movie title, a book, a song… basically, a lot of stuff.

The thing is…  most of the stuff suggests a negative in the same way that “dollar short” does.  However…  I don’t feel very negative today.  Yes, this blog post is a day late (and I may well be a dollar short…  I did spend more money last night on dinner during our local WriMo gathering than I’d intended), and I’m not only just fine with that…  I feel good.

I dealt with something today that has weighed on me for a while.  Over the weekend, I realized there was no way to make everyone happy as things stood, and I did what I had to do…  what I should have done months ago.  And…  I think (hope) I figured out a way to do it without being hurtful or inconsiderate of all the efforts and kindnesses of others.   The people I had to deal with in that particular situation are, and always have been, amazing people, generous and kind,  and they work and try so hard to help others.  It hurt to think I might have let them down, but in the end…  I did what I needed to do.

So, I feel better because I dealt with a very stressful situation.  I don’t feel better because there was a situation that had to be dealt with… if that makes sense.

Anyway, enough about me–let me tell you about… me. Rather, let me give you my ROW80 update:

ROW80LogocopyCharacters….  stories…  words…  ON paper!  It’s been just awesome.  Since Wednesday I’ve found time to write something every day; I’ve found time to read and consider story points beyond the writing (it wasn’t always story related writing), and last night…  wow!  What a Write-in!  I sat and sprinted with both pen and paper and my laptop writing alternately into both as the story ideas came forth in a form I could express.  End tally for the night?  Five written pages (back and front) and another 328 words in Scrivener.

I’ve written an average of at least 750 words every day except Saturday (my personal Sabbath).  It wasn’t all posted to either or to the CampNaNoWriMo pages, so my counts on those sites are skewed.  It’s well enough.  The bookkeeping can wait.

Oh, and exercise!  I forgot, I did have some of that in my ROW80 goals list, didn’t I?  some Frisbee and playground time, some time swimming, my weapons class and karate on Saturday, yard work…  no push ups yet, but the strength building I’ve done seems to be helping.  I’m trying the baby steps this time.  I want to actually get there and be able to stay at that point for a long time.

That’s it until Wednesday.  What awesome news do you have to report?  Or even not so awesome news?  Let’s cheer your accomplishments together; let’s half the upsets as well.  We’re in this (writing) life together, and we have each other’s backs.

At the Watering Hole

I don’t mean this:

Jan Steen, Peasantss before an Inn

Or even this:

And fortunately, not this: Watering Hole

The pool at the YMCA has been my “watering hole”.  I never knew I could spend that long swimming (okay, only a bit of swimming; mostly I’ve been taking aqua aerobics)…  almost 2 Hours today, and then I added another hour in the Fitness Center trying to work on those push-ups.  I’ve still got a long way on those.

Anyway, that’s why this post is so late in coming today.  I’d hoped to have it ready sooner, but the only wi-fi I was near today was in Target.  Not the best place to look for pictures on the Wikimedia Commons…  (technically I did have wi-fi at the Y–have you ever tried typing while doing planks or lifting weights?  I used the “Y”-fi for listening to back episodes of the Writing Excuses podcast.)

Despite all this increased emphasis on exercise (in addition to at least two trips to the Y a week, I have taken two to three karate classes and one Japanese weapons class each week since November), or perhaps because of it…  I’ve also been inspired to write and return to blogging, to clean house (cold ice storms be damned–I need to Spring Clean!)

I’m tired…  but in a good way.

Next week I am looking forward to rejoining the WIPpeteers for their own brand of awesome-sauce.  Today, I’m just going to update you all on my writing progress :

  • 3071 words since Monday ahead of target
  • an hour of storyworld time on target

and send you off to the ROW80 linky.  You know what to do there.  😀