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Present Only In Thought

It’s WIPpet Wednesday, yet again.  That wonderful day of the week when I and several fellow writers share something of a work in progress to bemuse and delight you….

Before that, I wanted to note an upcoming event that I love…  JuNoWriMo is coming soon.  If you’re a fan of Writing Months, like NaNoWriMo or the more relaxed CampNaNoWriMos…  or events like Story-A-Day (going on now!), you might like to join our summery crew.  We’re a relaxed group, we love to sprint for words, and…  we have cookies.

Okay…  maybe we don’t have cookies.  Well, not exactly.  I have cookies.  Does that count?

Insert creepy monotone voice here (courtesy of QuickMeme)

Insert creepy monotone voice here

Anyway, JuNoWriMo!  Join us!

With love, a long time JuNoRebel and SprintLeader


This week, I chose an excerpt from another “sandbox” piece… that is, a piece from another of my fanfictions: this time, The Dots (of which the oft quoted Was Long Variation is…  a variation).  Eleven sentences for May 6th (5/6):

He’d heard enough about the man.  Between mistrust the children still felt toward him and how perfect this Captain had obviously been, it was all he heard.  The children raved of how they loved the man.  Atyriaa talked of how he’d intrigued her.

She whispered his name in her sleep.

He was heartily sick of the man. He didn’t know him, but he’d grown to despise him nonetheless. Years of misunderstanding didn’t hold him from his lady’s side now. Now he slept in the same bed with her—, but he wasn’t allowed to hold her.

Last night he’d left the room. He refused to sleep with another man, even one present only in thought.

Oh… silly, silly, Alanii.  You’ve got a lot to learn, don’t you?  And not just about the man Atyr slept with once….

Anyway, that’s it for me.  Why not visit some other WIPpeteers and see what they’re working on.  New authors are always welcome.  Just follow a few simple rules:  offer up a shout out to the Keeper of the WIPpets (and flying monkeys) KLSchwengel at My Random Muse, and make your excerpt have something to do with the date.  Oh…  and add your link to our linky list so we can find your work.