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Almost Redacted

So…  something new for me this week.  It may become a regular feature.  I’m trying it out for now and basking in the glow and energy of another wonderfully diverse and creative writers…

What am I talking about?  The Weekend Writing Warriors, that’s who, and I’ve joined in their weekly bloghop #8Sunday.

The rules are pretty simple.  You can check them out the WeWriWa blog where you can also find the linky list of all the writers who are participating in the hop each week.

My eight sentences come out of the first scene in Courting the Swan Song where Alanii is railing against the commander of his father’s personal guard for …  well, pretty much everything.  And the commander has listened oh, so very patiently.  Very patiently….

Alanii looked directly in the other man’s eyes and snarled. “These are my friends, some of them must still be close enough to be my blood kin, and Father’s too, and if they don’t exist, how much more do those books deny me of the world? How prepared for my duty as Andar if I can’t even read the truth that I live with almost every day?”

He stopped short, realizing he had nothing else to say and that he very likely shouldn’t have said what he had. His temper once again had cursed those he cared for.

At least this time his friends weren’t going to be the only ones to suffer for it. Alanii could only imagine that his father would have his name redacted from the histories and genealogies the way his unknown aunt’s had been for this treasonous spiel.

The Commander’s quiet voice broke through his pensive retreat. “Her name was Audorne Jisalur.”

That’s all there is to it.   Hope you enjoyed this piece.   I’ll be posting another snippet of my work mid-week for WIPpet Wendesday.