All The Cats

JuJuBee Mabee

JuJuBee Mabee

Those of you who have more than one pet in the house know how favorites can be picked by those pets….  how one person will get all the attention from one particular animal and be ignored by the other(s), or how each animal tries to commandeer your attention and keep you from paying attention to the other pet(s).  The ins and outs of high school cliques must have their inspiration from how pets handle their humans.

Three cats live at our house: two inside, one outside.  The two inside kitties, JuJuBee and Flufflepuff, are supposedly by son’s cats.  Well, JuJuBee is, except when she wants the food dish filled at 4am  or when she needs to makes sure I’m tucked into bed at night and wants to make sure my neck is warm by laying across it (which was a lot more comfortable when she was a kitten).

Flufflepuff Mabee in his glory

Flufflepuff Mabee in his glory

Flufflepuff and our outdoor cat, Mr. Kitty,  seem to have adopted me as their human as well.  I would like to call them Yin Yang cats, but…  their stories are too similar.

Flufflepuff is JuJuBee’s brother.  He’s nothing like her.  Where she’s brazen and convinced that everything is for her to enjoy, Fluffle is terrified of pretty much any sound, movement,… probably even thought.  We’ve had him in the house for about a year now…  the first several months we had to keep him in a dog kennel because we needed to know we could catch him for vet visits, neutering, etc.  Two months ago, I finally was able to touch him without bleeding (profusely).    Now…  he follows me around the house, begs me for hugs, and oh…  the purring.


Mr. Kitty does NOT like the flash

Mr. Kitty was (still is mostly) a feral cat that had latched onto our house because I leaving food outside for our rebel-without-a-clue cat, Stimpy (who died last year from… well, choosing to go outside during really bad snowstorms and old age).  I can pet Mr. Kitty; he runs in terror when anyone else comes within sight, then “mrrps” (quite pitifully, I might add) at me when he gets brave enough to come out.  He too follows me around, gets under foot, and the purring…

If the studies really are true about purring…  I am one of the healthiest women alive.

I also feel… well, spread thin sometimes.  The two furry gentlemen in my life are pretty possessive.  When I go out to feed Mr. Kitty, he will dance, and hug, and purr, and basically show me how wonderful he thinks I am, complete with mice, moles, birds, etc. and a tail full of burdock seeds (and probably ticks) to decorate all my clothing.  When I go to bed, I am drowned in cats and am woken to wet noses on my face as the sun rises…   Fluffle and the Jellybelly Girl (my nickname for JuJuBee) literally take turns demanding attention.  It’s sweet, and normal…  it’s what cats (and people) do.

It’s a social animal thing, and the fact that it can make me feel so emotionally weary sometimes makes me wonder…  am I not a social animal?

Just wondering….  It’s not ask if I want to get rid of any of the furry folk at our house.  If Mr. Kitty misses one of his usual three to four visits a day, I worry about whether he got hit by a car (I’d bring him inside, but there are… issues involved).   Fluffle and Belly make great foot warmers, and they love to play together so much, just watching them brings joy.

But it does make me wonder…

Anyway, it’s time for the “real” reason I’m writing this post… a:

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyA lot of false starts the last few days…

Of my original goals, I met each one at least once, but I missed a day here and there on every one.

  • Writing, I managed one day of new fiction, scoring about 250 new words.
  • Time with characters/storyworld — a bit better here.  I managed something each day, and today at while walking on the track, I came up with a cool scene for Alanii’s training in the Guard
  • Pushups/general fitness — Swimming Monday, some walking yesterday, push-up training plus track and swimming today…

Of my added on goals…

  • time with camera daily…  not only on target, but I think I got some amazing shots
  • French and German daily 10 minutes — I missed yesterday and I’m behind on my German even more.  I need to spend another 5 minutes to get on track today
  • MOOCs…  no progress.

So, not a bad check-in.  Could be better, but…  it’s still mostly moving ahead.  That’s my ROW80 check-in.  There are other ROWers out there who need your support and would love a visit.  Find them here!

12 responses to “All The Cats

  1. Your cats are so beautiful. And I understand how demanding cats can be. I decided to try writing before work this week but my kitty was not willing to give up her morning attention. She plopped down right in the middle of my notebook and refused to move. Oh well. I just did my best to write around her with one hand while petting with the other 🙂


    • I used to have cats that refused to move (at the moment, JuJuBee’s big thing is to steal my seat if I have to get up for any reason and refuse to move). I think that’s how I got into the type and write format I use during sprints these days.

      At least you kept writing… and petting. Happy kitty and happy human.


  2. Like father, like daughter. Heard here,last night”

    “No, I don’t want to smell your butt,Squeak!”

    She can be rather a – a LOT – and there’s only one of her. She’s known for long flying leaps with no warning, and usually over human body parts that would rather NOT meet traction-extended claws…

    And the purring… =D

    Here’s one you might not have seen of Mr. Kitty’s not-so-little girl, the Squeaker-Wreaker:

    If that doesn’t work, try this:

    Squeak the Lounger

    Looks innocent and mellow, doesn’t she? ;D


  3. Your cats are adorable! My husband banished ours from the bedroom at night (with my agreement, since I was tired of getting up 3 or 4 times a night to let them in and out), but I kind of miss them. When we first got them, I did sort of wonder if I was ever going to get anything done again, because they wanted to be in my lap all the time, but they seem to have gotten over that (though they’re still usually in the same room I am).

    What kind of MOOCs are you taking? I seem to be kind of addicted to signing up for them – I’m currently enrolled in a computer programming class, one about superheroes and their impact on pop culture, and one on historical fiction – but I’m less good at carving out time to actually work on them.


    • Thank you. My husband would probably like to know how your husband got you to agree with that… so we won’t talk about it anymore, k? 😉

      Mostly I’ve been taking my courses through Futurelearn. I tried Coursera but didn’t really connect with the system. And I let my son use my account for a Udemy Java class that I peek into regularly for my own benefit as well. I also use several types of “flash card” programs such as Duolingo and Memrise for languages. I’ve run the gamut of archaeology to Shakespeare to Dutch language and Chinese to fiction writing. I haven’t finished any of the classes, but I do work on them a bit here and there as I can


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  5. I loved hearing about your cats. I have one inside and three outside. None of them are nearly as affectionate as yours sound, at least not to me. When we let the outside cats in, on cold winter nights, they all gravitate to my husband, much to his dismay. The inside cat, year-round, sleeps between my legs at night, while the dog sleeps on my feet. And, yes, that means my husband has his side of the bed all to himself.


    • Lol! It sounds like your cats are as entertaining as mine, just a bit less demanding. Not that I’d trade them. They’re squirrelly, but I do love them.

      Sounds like your feet are plenty warm though. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, Chris.


  6. Your cats are adorable, Eden, although they do seem a bit mischievous. Now that’s it’s warmer, the dogs don’t fight for space at the foot of the bed, but Brigid still lays her front paw across the keyboard when she wants me to pay attention to her.

    It sounds like your goals are coming along. After all, baby steps are still steps.


    • I think it’s the nature of cats to be mischievous, Elizabeth. I love them the same. Sounds like Brigid and Fluffle are similar in their attention requesting measures though. He’s the polite one–and quiet too; he never talks or meows (correction… he’s meowed once in over a year).

      Hooray for baby steps! 😀