Let Them Pass

WIPpet Wednesday again? It seems like it was just last week that I–Oh, yeah, it was just last week, wasn’t it?  *blushes*

Anyway, I do have something to share with you all.  Once again, I have drawn from the Was Long Variation, probably the last piece of that I’ll be posting for a while if all goes according to plan (or unless people stage protests).  Eight, mostly small paragraphs…  Five for May minus thirteen for the day (5-13=8).  Our POV character here is Alanii; he’s talking with his physician about whether he should (or rather shouldn’t have) done something:

“He’d recover sooner.  Before you start berating yourself, don’t.  Captain Mirniia won’t be fit for duty in less time than it’ll take for us to leave this room.  If you hadn’t taken a second capsule, we’d have all three of you in bed.

Even empty, it speaks of pain and suffering

And if Fate agreed with the man, the door burst open with several Center staff rolling in another bed. On it, Valistii thrashed back and forth under the restraining straps that held him to the bed. The man’s convulsive motions more than once threatened to tip the platform over on its side. But if Valistii had any sense of the danger he posed to himself and the men and women helping him, Alanii could see no sign. The man’s eyes were open, focused on nothing, shot with blood and tears. The man’s face with twisted in terror and pain.

Alanii glanced at Koru. The man was already at his patient’s side placing a cautious hand over the Hastor’s temple and pulse points. After a few seconds, the physician waved to one of his assistants. “Get me 1 cc ADAS and prepare him for a drip.” The man’s expression turned grim. He went back and checked something on Kieri.

The younger man was equally straining now, despite his weakened state.

Alanii watched unable to even feel the horror he knew lay behind what he was seeing. Without announcing himself, he left the room. Why didn’t he feel lucky?

He started to head up to the isolab where they’d hooked up the cryotube from Audric’s ship. Behind him, the door opened quickly. “Sire, don’t leave. The Senior says he needs your help.”

He turned to look at the nurse with a baleful eyes. Koru needed his help… He could imagine for what. Even under the effect of the capsules, the Call existed. Or at least his remnants of it.

“Tell the Senior to let them pass in peace. I won’t condone torture, even for their lives.”

And there you go… Don’t know about you all, but I have a bad feeling about what happens next. Question is… do you want more of this story, or will you be happy to get back into Courting the Swan Song (I really, really need to get working on that)?

Either way, let’s all cheer our WIPpet Wrangler, KLSchwengel over at My Random Muse.  And if you would, take some time to visit the other WIPpeteers over at our linky.  Enjoy stories and fun…  Wednesday-style.

25 responses to “Let Them Pass

  1. Ooo. Nice ending. I want to know more about the situation and why torture is part of the equation at all.


    • Hmm… not sure I got that through clearly then, unless it’s just a point of not having enough context. Alanii’s advocating not using extreme measures to keep his son and friend alive just because the doctors can. He believes being held to life (at least in this instance) would be to condemn the two men to torture and life-long despair.

      Glad you liked the piece otherwise. (and no, normally Alanii is not big on the merciful death thing, but this instance is just one of ‘those things’)

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      • Oooooh! I think I was not picking up on context. What an awful situation. I understand his thinking, though. I had a patient during my school days who had a kind of injury that separated his cerebrum from his brain stem. What this means is that as long as someone feeds him, his body is still able to perform all the necessary functions. It also means he can still process EVERYthing going on around him, but he can’t communicate at all. He is basically a prisoner in his own body, with no way to speak to the outside world. 😦 I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


        • So, yeah, you have an excellent idea. And imagine that this thing that’s happening to these men is basically going to kill them anyway, no matter what the doctors do… Alanii really is just thinking of them with love.

          As for your school days… sounds like the reason I had to leave nursing school. I wasn’t cut out to go home crying every night–and they put us into geriatrics and then the NICU the first two weeks of classes… I was assigned a sweet lady with Parkinsons that died the day after I transferred to NICU, and I was just a wreck. I wasn’t made to be a nurse…

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  2. If you seriously think I can be happy with MY ‘Listii thrashing and in danger for his life…

    Well, of course you don’t…but still….

    I gotta know, here.

    Maybe Kathi could help me out with a flying monkey team *thinking how cool it is to know where you live, right now!*

    Lots and lots and too much tension! =D


    • Oh, Shan… don’t worry. I love ‘Listii too. And Kieri, and Alanii. I’ll figure something out… eventually. Until then, I did send you that scene I said I was hoping for some critical opinions on (via email). Maybe you could read that? (It doesn’t include ‘Listii… but then it also doesn’t include ‘Listii in a life-threatening situation either.)

      Do I have to convince Dan to move now?

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      • I will hopefully get to that before Sunday night. I’m just a bit backed up with things right now, but I really do need to get back to my email…gotta be stuffed full, by now…

        So long as you figure something out, you don’t have to go into hiding! =D

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        • Well, I can tell YOU what happens… when I see you at writing group. But… I don’t think I should share with everyone, just in case I need to use that part later on.

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  3. Oh yes, definitely a bad feeling. I like to say “more, more”, but I’ll take whatever you give. 🙂


  4. I have a bad feeling, too. But then, I always do with doctor stuff. O.o


  5. Ooh, that’s tense. I can really feel the urgency here. That last part is chilling, that the effects are still there even with treatment.


  6. Yes, very intense. I would like to know what happens, but not necessarily to the point where I’d stage protests. Write what inspires you most right now, and I’m sure we’ll be happy!


    • Hmmm… not sure if that’s good or not, Alana. I’m glad you found the scene intense though, and I do hope you stay happy with the offerings.


  7. O.O I’m not sure what’s going on with the capsules and The Call, but whatever it is, it SUCKS…. That’s a tough decision to make. Wow.


    • Yeah… it’s not a very happy situation. I wish I could say things are going to get better….

      wait, no I don’t wish that… at least not until closer to the end. 🙂


  8. Interesting – makes me want to know more about the capsules, what’s going on with these guys – and the cryotube.


  9. Eeeeek, that snippet definitely gives me a sinking feeling… that one that drags the stomach down with the sensation of impending doom. :s Poor Alanii. I don’t know what’s happened to cause the snippet, but it sounds like an awful fate for those involved. :s

    (I’d say “more!” as well because I want to find out what happens, but then I’m another one who’ll love to ready anything you decide to share! 😀 )


    • Thanks for the vote… though it doesn’t help me make many decisions. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the piece (well, I think you enjoyed it despite the sinking feeling). I would like to think the impending doom is pretty interesting too.