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Just a Quick Update

ROW80LogocopyI wasn’t planning on making this update on the fly, or on Thursday.  Life has just been….  BUSY.  If all goes well *crosses fingers*, it should settle down in a few weeks, just in time for the JuNoWriMo.  I’m a little worried about that…  I hoped to have more outlining done by now, but almost nada.

I guess it’s a good thing I’m used to pantsing most of my stories.  More editing later, but….  who knows?  The stories I create when pantsing often open up possibilities for so many side projects it’s almost funny.

Anyway, for my “quick” check-in….

  • write something every day…  I did, although too many of those were blog comments and not work on my stories.  Not that blogging is bad, but my characters are kind of miffed at me now.
  • spend time with characters/story-world (at least 30 minutes daily)…  fell down here yesterday; it was a distracting day
  • push-ups/exercise…  some time at the Y, some time walking in the woods, some time with weights, plus karate class…  but very little work for push ups
  • photography…  I didn’t always take new pictures, but I only missed one day of photography-related work when I count post-processing and design.
  • languages…  I fell short on my German this week, missing three days of it totally.  I missed a day of French.

Not much else to stay.  The Punkin (my hubby) and I had a good talk about some things that had weighed on me for next year’s schooling.  It was surprising and yet not surprising to see how close our perspectives were.  One thing I hate the most about being B.U.S.Y….  it’s how it keeps me from actually connecting deeply with my partner, my friends, my characters, all the people who matter; it’s insidious, using distractions and pseudo-emergencies to waylay my attention.  So, for that alone, I think this has been an incredible couple of days.  I can’t say I owe all of this revelation to Amy Kennedy’s wonderful “One Good Cup Project”, but…  I definitely found inspiration and reassurance that I was missing what I thought I was, and that I should do something to bring that thing back.

Moment of Heaven, make it happen... daily

Moment of Heaven, make it happen… daily

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