An Actual Sunday Check-in!

As I write this, I hope you all don’t mind it being disjointed somewhat.  I’m not in the best of places right now and constantly need to get up and hurry away for this and that…  and, well, I’m distracted, and I don’t feel all that good either.

That said, I had a great day yesterday.  The hubby, Boodle, and I went to see Into The Woods, up at the Saratoga Music Hall, as a friend’s son was playing The Baker.  It was… wonderful!

Friday was pretty good too.  After beginning with that “sinking feeling” in my gut, it ended on a comfortable note of…  “we’re in an okay place now, and we have lots of options”.

Neither of these involved much writing, however.  My characters are still kind of ticked at me.

ROW80LogocopySo what does this all mean for my ROW80 update?  Well…

  • Writing — not much; I managed the One Minute Writer challenge almost every day however and used each minute for story development*
  • Time with characters/storyworld — not as much as I would like or even as much as I feel would help; of my characters, Kieri has been the most social, and while I like him–I’m not at the point where I really feel I can work on his story.
  • Pushups/general fitness — Thursday was a walk with the homeschool group from Yacon Village; Friday was karate class; Yesterday was a lot of driving and sitting…  :-/
  • Camera time daily — missed yesterday unless you count the pics I took on the iPhone
  • French and German daily 10 minutes — German has suffered.  French, however, is improving greatly as the Boodle and I work together on it.
  • MOOCs — no progress

That’s it for me.  If you’re feeling up to it, check out some other ROWers and cheer them on.  We love to hear from you.

*A note about the One Minute Writer posts:  I average well over my Five Sentences test mile using the prompts on this site (Thursday I fell short, and Saturday posts are only six words long anyway).  So for people who tell me they have no time to write, please…  please try this site.  Have the page as your homepage…  open your browser and go.  It’s one, maybe two minutes out of your day, and it will help you get writing.

4 responses to “An Actual Sunday Check-in!

  1. Thank you for the hint about the One minute site. I plan to check it out. It looks like you’ve managed to.move on most of not all of your goals.

    As to not being in a good place–let me know if there’s anything I can do.


    • I love the One Minute Writer (missed yesterday, but… well, I got a ton of other stuff done, so I don’t feel too bad about it either). And thank you… I feel better today. It was the “icky sicks” poking through (mostly).

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  2. Glad the rough start day ended more happily. I like Kieri too – maybe, if you give him some time, others will chime in?

    One Minute Writer has always been fun. I might come back to play with it in August and September, because I’ll mostly be revising during those months, and it might be exactly the right amount of creative newness to incorporate. My mind definitely works better in a rich stew of ideas….

    Overall, looks like you had a good session. Maybe not quite the one you were looking for, but progress, all the same.


    • Thanks, Shan. Maybe I’ll see you on the One Minute Writer later too.

      As for Kieri… he’s got his charming moments. And I’m not going to ignore him completely, but I really want to get something of a real draft finished. It would be such an emotional weight off my shoulders.

      Not quite what I was looking for…. yep. But still pretty good.

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