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Setting Priorities

ROW80LogocopyThough I haven’t gotten all the writing done this week I hoped I would I have, I feel this has been one of the best weeks I’ve had all ROWnd.  Strategy…  I’m getting pieces in places for more writing later, I’ve gotten things set up for the next month (when I will doing yet another 50K WriMo for the JuNoWriMo)…   Things just look so much more doable for me with a sense of “this is already handled” surrounding some of the minutiae.

So how did I do on my goals?  Not bad at those either:

  • Writing — One minute Writer, 750 words, lots and LOTS of blogging and editing and planning…  happy Mousie!
  • Time with characters/storyworld — mostly in spurts of planning out scenes, but work every day.  It’s been wonderful too!
  • Pushups/general fitness — not as much as I’d like; some walking, a bit of pushup training (sloped reps), but kind of slacking here; I am off to the pool after I post this though
  • Camera time daily — missed yesterday, but had an amazing night-photography session with the Boodle after writing group in Sunday (Monday morning); will post photos next Friday for the First Friday Photo.
  • French and German daily 10 minutes — daily lessons/practice sessions
  • MOOCs — one video

So, yes…  a whole lot of awesome!  I love it when a plan comes together….

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Tie On Feathers


Yep! It’s another WIPpet Wednesday

Last night while I was planning my writing/blogging/tweeting schedule for June, I made one of those arbitrary “It’s my Blog and my Story (my characters insist on the caveat that they do not believe this is true at all) decisions.  I want to really concentrate on Courting the Swan Song for June.  I also want to indulge my fondness for my fanfictions.  The compromise?  All my writing sample blog hop posts for June (both the WIPpet and the WeWriWa) will be excerpts from the Was Long Variation.

And even though it’s not quite June yet, I thought I would start early.  This excerpt is one of the oldest pieces of the fanfiction I still have (I did spruce it up some), written somewhere around high school graduation or slightly later.  I give you 15 sentences of the Was Long Variation.

WIPpet Maths:

(5+2+7) – (0+1+5) = 8 x 2 = 16 sentences (15… one removed for “reasons”)

IMG_4479“So this is the ship you towed in, Keith.” The woman looked to the dark-haired male that had arrived with her. He nodded back; a smile warmed his features. A glimpse of mischief crossed the woman’s face, making her seem more a young girl than her own daughters. “Perhaps it would help if you tie on feathers for when she lifts off, yes?”

Jayce listened with pleasure to the woman’s soft soprano. It felt like a mother’s voice, one that reached deeply to something in him till now unknown. Yet as he stared at the elf who looked at the ship with an expression that might be either awe or shock, doubts grew in his mind (though not his heart) that this childlike woman could be his mother

Finally the she finished her review and turned to the party that patiently waited her. Their deference seemed expected, and her smile felt now less welcoming and more indulgent.

“So these are our guests.” Her voice carried though she spoke in a murmur. “May I be introduced or do you intend to just stand there and stare at me?” she chided but not without humor.

“Mom,” groaned Lyarr. The boys echoed her.

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