Setting Priorities

ROW80LogocopyThough I haven’t gotten all the writing done this week I hoped I would I have, I feel this has been one of the best weeks I’ve had all ROWnd.  Strategy…  I’m getting pieces in places for more writing later, I’ve gotten things set up for the next month (when I will doing yet another 50K WriMo for the JuNoWriMo)…   Things just look so much more doable for me with a sense of “this is already handled” surrounding some of the minutiae.

So how did I do on my goals?  Not bad at those either:

  • Writing — One minute Writer, 750 words, lots and LOTS of blogging and editing and planning…  happy Mousie!
  • Time with characters/storyworld — mostly in spurts of planning out scenes, but work every day.  It’s been wonderful too!
  • Pushups/general fitness — not as much as I’d like; some walking, a bit of pushup training (sloped reps), but kind of slacking here; I am off to the pool after I post this though
  • Camera time daily — missed yesterday, but had an amazing night-photography session with the Boodle after writing group in Sunday (Monday morning); will post photos next Friday for the First Friday Photo.
  • French and German daily 10 minutes — daily lessons/practice sessions
  • MOOCs — one video

So, yes…  a whole lot of awesome!  I love it when a plan comes together….

Thanks for visiting.  If you’re curious or feeling supportive, you can find other ROWers via our mid-week check-in at A Round of Words in 80 Days.

9 responses to “Setting Priorities

  1. How is it, with a list of goals, I feel like I have no plan? I need to get a little more Hannibal in my life. 😉 Sounds like you’re in great shape for June. Write On!


    • I think we all could use a little more Hannibal in our lives. He knew how to wing things “just enough”. Hope you find a solid sense of direction soon, Katherine. Thanks for the cheering though. Even organized, I’m more than a bit nervous.


  2. I love it when someone posts “I love it when a plan comes together”, because, well – that was cool. The A-Team was cool, in an offbeat, utterly improbable way.

    Can’t wait to see the Boodle pics, and I’m glad you reminded me that FFP is coming up – need to raid my Flickr stream!

    Happy about all the good, and certainly hope that ‘Listii has things to say. As for me, I’m nearly up to 80K of TnT for the month, so 50K for JuNo is going to seem like a breeze (except that it’s THAT book, and, well, you know….).

    Hoping to see you at the pool tomorrow, but Miah thinks he might be sick, and Lise is still far more nocturnal than not…let’s play it by ear, and you can give us a time frame that works for you…


    • I LOVE Hannibal Smith. Between him and Murdock (Dan’s favorite character), we have a serious A-Team family here. Camp and more camp, but all in good fun.

      Glad you’re going to join the First Friday Photo again this month, Shan. I’ll be opening the link Thursday night. Really hope more people will participate… But it was really nice the way it was too.

      Oh… I guess ‘Listii will be there (actually he does have a post all to himself scheduled). And he’s been talking with me a lot about some backstory I hadn’t considered before….

      No pool for us this week… Too much “stuff” going on, and I need a bit of home-time.

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      • “Howlin’ Mad” was always my favorite, too…although I loved Mr. T and his milk….

        I love the First Friday Photo idea as a blog hop, Happy to be a part of it, and it’s such a nice excuse to look through some of those older pictures that might otherwise be forgotten…

        Hooray for ‘Listii! And backstory, too!

        Lise still seems to be in a semi-cocooning mode, so this week won’t be a pool week for us, either.

        Hopefully, you can enjoy your home-time!


        • I like Howlin’ Mad… I do not like Dwight Schultz (the actor) for his politics, but he plays an amazing crazy guy. He did a similarly awesome job with a character in Babylon 5 named Ames.


        • Oh, and ‘Listii’s got the WIPpet stage next week… I just looked over the schedule.


  3. glad things are coming together for you. And excited for June to start, too.


    • Thanks, Fallon. I’m always a bit edgy when I’m starting a big project… I’m even edgier when I’ve been working on a big project for a long time and I feel I’m not getting anywhere.