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Sort of… a ROW80 check-in

ROW80LogocopyMaybe I’m just not ready to write this yet…  I have story ideas that need to be put on the page, and the only thing keeping me from doing that is this insane need to dot my Is and cross my Ts so that I can say “ah… finally, I can relax and spend time with my characters”…

Thing is…  it’s late for me already, and this medicine I started a few days ago for the tick bite (doxycyline, so not really a nasty one; it’s just somehow hitting me badly) made eating exciting all day.  Oh, that and the big drill in my mouth and sore jaw from getting fitted for a new crown….

At this rate I’ll have more porcelain in my mouth than tooth.  Actually…  I thin I’m already be there.

But there lies the check-in and the sort-of all in one…  I’ve been writing.  I feel the urge and the need to write.  Life has not been cooperating with me.  And I just sliced my palm open on one of those upholstery staples, so typing hurts.

I’m a very talented lady, with lots of words to write.  I haven’t been as good at my non-writing goals (I took pictures yesterday, but not today; I haven’t been doing my languages, no MOOCs, I did do push-up practice…  actually a pretty productive couple of days when I think of it).

Tomorrow I’ll be reopening the linky for the First Friday Photo on my other blog The Garden of Delights.  It’s just a once a month thing, and I’d love it if you’d like to contribute an image.

This isn’t my contribution…  this is what I’d be doing right now if I could.  A few months to go before we hit Saranac however.

On the Lake

On the Lake

The Unclean Animal

Wednesday already? Ah, well, since I have to spend today at the dentist getting yet another crown in my mouth, I think I’ll post a piece that inspires a similar level of cringe.  Well, sort of…  I know what’s coming up in the story.

This WIPpet comes from a newer section of the Was Long Variation.  Because it developed from a fanfiction, I guess it still technically is, though it has long left any world but my own.  Warning: slightly (very slightly) NSFW

WIPpet maths:
(6+3)-(2+0)+(1+5) = 13 sentences (w/ a 1-word sentence bonus)

The creature–he was not as aroused as he had been. Whatever had been done to him, likely he no longer could appreciate a woman who wanted to be with him. That was fine, she guessed. Even if he spruced up to become the most handsome being in all creation, Atyr was only doing this because neither of them had a choice. Since she wanted to get this over with and since she didn’t want to surrender what little self-control she’d managed to acquire, she decided to take matters into her own hand. Literally.

The man jerked back as she touched him, his eyes wide. As a grunt of surprise escaped his lips, Atyr thought of Twan and the Faithful that stood near. Let them think the unclean animal in her had taken over if they wanted. She needed to stay in charge. Whatever this man had been long ago, one thing she did know—he was too intense. She suspected his talent was empathy. If so, she couldn’t risk letting him flood her with his needs and fears. She’d been in that place before, and she would rather die than find herself there again.

Hopefully you enjoyed what you read.  Want more?  Head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Hip, hip, HOORAY to KLSchwengel for hosting.  May she finally get some free time to rest and relax soon.