Sort of… a ROW80 check-in

ROW80LogocopyMaybe I’m just not ready to write this yet…  I have story ideas that need to be put on the page, and the only thing keeping me from doing that is this insane need to dot my Is and cross my Ts so that I can say “ah… finally, I can relax and spend time with my characters”…

Thing is…  it’s late for me already, and this medicine I started a few days ago for the tick bite (doxycyline, so not really a nasty one; it’s just somehow hitting me badly) made eating exciting all day.  Oh, that and the big drill in my mouth and sore jaw from getting fitted for a new crown….

At this rate I’ll have more porcelain in my mouth than tooth.  Actually…  I thin I’m already be there.

But there lies the check-in and the sort-of all in one…  I’ve been writing.  I feel the urge and the need to write.  Life has not been cooperating with me.  And I just sliced my palm open on one of those upholstery staples, so typing hurts.

I’m a very talented lady, with lots of words to write.  I haven’t been as good at my non-writing goals (I took pictures yesterday, but not today; I haven’t been doing my languages, no MOOCs, I did do push-up practice…  actually a pretty productive couple of days when I think of it).

Tomorrow I’ll be reopening the linky for the First Friday Photo on my other blog The Garden of Delights.  It’s just a once a month thing, and I’d love it if you’d like to contribute an image.

This isn’t my contribution…  this is what I’d be doing right now if I could.  A few months to go before we hit Saranac however.

On the Lake

On the Lake

9 responses to “Sort of… a ROW80 check-in

  1. Sometimes it is about the simplicity of the goal. Writing is good, and if that is all you are doing than some be it. Find what works for you and run with it. Just don’t run with scissors (okay that was not PUNNY). Hope your hand feels better soon.

    I might have to try this First Photo Friday. I used to have a camera, and loved to take pictures of nature things. Might be time to borrow the hubs camera and shoot some trees and stuff. 🙂

    Have a better week!!

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    • Please do join. The linky will be open for a week, and we’d love to have you join in.

      And, no… don’t think I’ll run with scissors… I’m not exactly the most graceful person, even when I’m being slow and careful 😀


  2. I understand wanting to dot all the i’s before getting down with my characters! I hate being interrupted, and I think this drives me to attempt to have EVERYTHING else done before I “let” myself write.

    Not a very productive method for me, lol! There’s ALWAYS something else that needs to get done.

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    • Yep, pretty much the same problem I have… things like laundry and dishes are never “done” in this house. Guess we both need to start making do a bit more to get those words written.

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  3. So glad you shared with us. You sure have been facing some challenges of late. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some of those words on paper (or the computer screen) before too long. I’m going to check out your First Friday Photo info. Sounds interesting. All the best. TTFN

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    • Thanks Steph. After this week, I really need the extra encouragement…

      And, I’d love to see you join in the First Friday Photo hop too.


  4. Laundry and dishes ARE never done – in any house. It’s their nature. That’s why sprints work well for me – I’ve taken to carrying my phone with me from place to place, so that I know I’ve done 15 minutes of this, half an hour of that…

    That way, when dishes breed in the sink and on the counters, I’m not feeling inadequate. They had their chance to be done; it’s their own business if they didn’t take it! =)

    The people I live with have noticed that I’m a happier person when I write, so they don’t so much mind a few more dishes around, while I do that- and, if they do, everyone knows where we keep the dish washing supplies!