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He Missed Her

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Wednesday keeps coming by sooner and sooner these days!  How did a whole weeks pass by so fast?

But Wednesday means WIPpet time!  I’ve got one for Shan Jeniah here.  She’s been asking for a piece with ‘Listii in it.  We’re still in the Was Long Variation, and in a scene that happened well before Let Them Pass.  At least in this scene, the stage is all his own.

WIPpet maths:

Convoluted maths today, folks.   First I bracketed the middle three numbers: then 6 and 1 mirrored =16, 020 = 20, 15 =15: 16/4 equals 4; 20/(4×5) = 0; 15/5 = 3: 4×3 = 12: 1+2+3 paragraphs

Which meant the Brat had a purpose in this too.

For a moment trying to imagine what that might be made an amusing distraction. Depressing as well. Though if it was what he feared, Valistii almost regretted that he wouldn’t be around to see it.

He looked past the cityscape to the ocean and sighed, nearly reaching out a hand to the glass-sheltered sky. He missed her. He murmured a soft wish that the Brat treat her well. He’d already accepted that he wouldn’t be taking his final Walk with her after all. Why did it suddenly hurt so much? It couldn’t just be who had taken his place at her side.

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