Daily Archives: June 11, 2015

Slow Progress

Quick ROW80 update here.

IROW80Logocopy‘m starting to see some progress again on my stories.  It’s not the fantabulous progress I hoped to make during my #JuNoWriMo sprints and set writing time.  Lately, instead of writing stories, I’m busy with blogs and comments and putting out fires in real life that just make my dream seem impossible.

I feel so very drained…  no creative spark left in me at all.  I look at my desk and just see a mess where I used to see knick-knacks and pretties that evoked images and ideas.  I stare out the window and see nothing but…  blank.  Yeah, there are trees and clouds and a playground where the Boodle will be spending more time soon*, but it’s all blank.  The grackles don’t even inspire me with their glossy feathers.  I just want them to stop eating the cat’s food.

I don’t know if I need more exercise or less, more sleep or less, more…  you get the idea.  I’m so far out of balance at the moment.  Momentum is all I have.  I’m almost dreading what is going to happen when the Boodle is home for the rest of the summer.  Will we rediscover that flowing space we used to have?  I think I miss it, but I don’t know.  It’s too far gone.  I can barely remember yesterday as it is…

All I know, unless I look back at my goals list is that I am supposed to be writing.  I know there were other goals, but they’re not…  they were not.  I can, with 99% accuracy guarantee I did none of them.  Oh..  that’s right, there was an exercise goal there.  Well, I have done some exercise: exercise ball on Tuesday, swimming and karate yesterday.

Yeah, that’s it for me.


* he’s finishing the last five days of school with his classmates because organizational changes there mean he won’t see most of the kids he enjoyed spending time with again unless we can manage to squeeze in a playdate somewhere…  and we’ve not had much luck with that in the past two years before this.  😦