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Stone Hunters

Moving backward again in the Was Long Variation  (I’m not really good at this “order” thingie), I give you a one paragraph excerpt from the what would probably be the third chapter…  if the Varation had chapters.

The POV character is Kieri, though no one knows this yet except himself, and he’s not ready to share that information.

WIPpet maths:
I dropped the 6s (6, 1+5), 1+7+2+0=10, 1-0 = 1paragraph

He looked up and took in the night. It looked as if they would be staying a while; he might as well enjoy the scenery. The dual moons waxed full, and their brightness glistened off the fountain’s spray. For a moment, the grotesquely beautiful scene it depicted seemed to move and writhe. With soft whispers of the night breeze rustling the trees, he imagined he heard soft snarls and growls just under the splashing water. The green crystal eyes of the stone hunters glistened as if targeting him. He sat up and stared at the vision, fascinated.

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