Daily Archives: June 18, 2015

Me? A White Rabbit?

Yes, I’m LateI just looked at the clock and was like  “Ack!  it’s already almost 3pm and I haven’t done my sponsor visits for the ROW80—I haven’t even written a check-in for this week’s ROW80.  I’ve got a ton of backlogged comments to answer for this blog, plus some on my ‘name’ blog The Garden of Delights (which I missed writing a weekly post for last week and likely will again this week), I woke up late for hosting my #JuNoWriMo sprints today…


The list keeps growing.

Oh, dear.  Oh, dear!

My excuse?  I took an evening off last night to just goof off and relax.  It was the last day of school and after karate (I didn’t miss that), I came home, flumped in a chair and played some Pokémon White on my 3DS with a glass of sangria next to me and chatted on occasion with family, petted cats…  it was grand!

I didn’t know how much I needed an evening like that until I had it.  Bliss, I tell you, true BLISS!

That said, this morning I had to jump right into it again.  And I’m still late.  My son’s homeschool paperwork is due next week.  Our wedding anniversary is Monday, and we need to finalize plans for our weekend…  June is such an insanely busy month.  Sometimes I wonder at myself for jumping into challenges like these (the ROW80, JuNoWriMo, RSWrite, plus several projects offline).

I’d say it’s because I like to keep busy, and in a sense, I do.  But I’m starting to think it’s also because I’m avoiding something.  Or rather…  someone: myself.

Yeah…  that’s getting too personal for me.  Time to just finish this check-in and get some catch-up work done…  partly because I promised the Boodle that we’d be going to a concert in the park this evening, and time is flying.

ROW80LogocopySo…  how’d I do on my ROW80 goals?  Pretty well actually.

  • Writing —Except for taking a break yesterday… on target
  • Storyworld/character time — pulled this out both by rereading sections for continuity and writing about my characters, so a big yes!
  • Pushups/general fitness —karate, some gardening, and a bit of extra walking; still not up to par yet
  • Camera time daily — nothing yesterda or Monday (camera was on the “charge all the batteries” mission Monday)
  • French and German daily 10 minutes — missed Tuesday, but did Italian with two of my students that day, so …  does that count?
  • MOOCs — still no; dropping this until June ends

So…  it could have been far worse.  Definitely will have to keep trying to improve, but at least being late hasn’t meant I have gotten stuck feeling sorry for myself.  I’m still writing!