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What He Saw

As this is the last WIPpet of June (and I’ll be done with the madness that is JuNoWriMo by next week), I’ll give you all a choice:

  • more Was Long Variation
  • bring back The Swan Song Series
  • We Want Something Else!

For now though, it’s the Was Long Variation.  We’re still in Kieri’s head here (remember how I said he was the only one who knew that?  Tiiran is the alias he’s been using).  The “she” is Atyr.

WIPpet Maths:
Simple ones today 6-24+20-15 =23; 2+3 = 5  shortish paragraphs

Tiiran spent most of the meal watching the woman. He tried to convince himself that he needed to figure her out before the group of them got into trouble. It wasn’t as if Jayce would be his usual cautious self around her.

But the truth was she enticed him in a dangerously familiar way. He watched her, knowing he was watching her and wanting to do more than watch, yet wishing he wasn’t. So distracted did he allow himself to become that Jayce and Keith were able to spike his coffee with something bitter. Drawn from his reverie, he gagged. After failing to settle his reflexes, he staggered toward the bathroom.

He wondered if the queen had noticed the wink that Jayce and Keith shared, and extending his talent recklessly, kept his Sight on the room. His talent-enhanced vision saw the woman’s gaze flash from youth to youth knowingly, her pursed lips and the restrained sigh.

Then as he was already withdrawing his Sight, he Saw the woman’s gaze lock with his own. For a moment his mind was held while her blue eyes filled his vision. He jerked back, almost clawing himself free. When he found the release of his own body, he slumped against the toilet. Reaction set in. He clutched the icy porcelain and threw up all he’d eaten all day.

He’d have to be more careful. A lot more careful….

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