Daily Archives: July 8, 2015

Creating a Space


This will be a bit of a combo post for the ROW80 (the new round just started as of today; Monday was goal-setting) and the RSWrite challenge (which I missed a week of posting/commenting on).

I’ve taken a bit of a step back from my online life to re-immerse myself into things that really matter.  Not that all of you don’t matter, but the people here in my home now, family coming into town for the holidays…  they aren’t here forever, my son grows and changes daily…  I needed to be here with them for a while, even more than normal.  They’re gone now, and the Boodle wants to work on his own things (no one in this family can deal with large numbers of people for too long without needing to retreat for days after); now I have some space to create and think… and write again.

Which means it’s time for new….


I’m totally bypassing the overview of my last RSWrite goals except to say things are progressing.  I’m still in love with the historical aspects of my story, but I’m also finding a lot of things about my MCs that I hadn’t expected…  things that make them so real.

Here’s a(n unedited) line I wrote last night at our local NaNoWriMo group that fits most of what I’m been writing lately:

How many of the gifts he’d received over the years had been bought by his father’s guard and had not been personal touches of paternal love and affection, he wondered.

It’s a new Round of Words in 80 Days and new goals are the words of the day.  And simplicity seems to be the important thing to focus on now.  I’m finding that I haven’t really settled back into writing as a daily commitment after my long departure from last summer.

More than anything, I want to work on that.  I want to recreate that space I had where I had to write daily—had to because the characters wouldn’t let me ignore them for longer than a few hours at a time, had to because the stories needed to find a way out of my head and onto the page.

I’m starting to get back to that.  I’ve stayed away from my computer more and have returned to carrying notebooks with me everywhere.  In the past week, I’ve increased my writing daily in spurts and dribbles on the page.

The physical act of writing makes me want to write.  (It seems to work the same for my son as well, as we’ve found with some of his writing projects he’s been doing lately.)  There is a magic to pen and paper.

So my goals for both this upcoming week (and throughout the ROWnd) are:

  • bring a notebook
  • allow myself a space to just relax and look around and observe
  • write observations down
  • a minimum of fifteen minutes of physical exercise daily (on days I exercise I get much more, but then I flump on other days…  consistency is key).
  • make a space to write with pen and paper at home again

That’s it.

I do have one short term goal I should add, since the RSWrite goals are weekly and this needs to be done by Monday:

  • write my ROW80 sponsor post